A Review Post : Raisonne Curse by Rinda Elliott (4 Stars)

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Raisonne Curse by Rinda Elliott
Series: The Brothers Bernaux #1
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2015-07-14
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 254
Format: eBook

Breaking her curse will cost him his heart...and possibly his life.

The Brothers Bernaux, Book 1

For the past five years, Elita Raisonne has been on the run from a curse that started with her grandmother, and gradually reached out evil tendrils to kill her mother and her aunts. Now, healing from another nasty accident, Elita can feel the curse coming for her like icy breath on the back of her neck.

Her only hope: trek deep into Louisiana’s Atchafayala Basin and ask the mysterious Bernaux brothers for help.

Pryor Bernaux takes one look at the black smudge clinging to Elita like a shroud, and recognizes the work of a powerful hex worker. Together, all three Bernaux brothers could easily break it—if Mercer and Wyatt weren’t away.

As the curse sinks deeper into Elita’s soul, Pryor realizes time is running out for the beautiful redhead who makes him want things he and his brothers swore they’d never have. He has no choice but to help her. But the magical backlash is torture. And without his brothers’ help, it could even be deadly.


Keep a cold beverage on hand, because the bayou isn’t all that’s hot and steamy in this book. Deadly hexes, naked spellworking, mouthwatering court-bouillon, and sexy Cajuns will curl your toes...and maybe your hair.

FTC : I got this book from the author for a review. I have a little experience of her books but she has been reviewed on the site.

So, when Rinda approached me about this book she told me it was spooky and sexy … I can confirm it is both of those things! Set in Louisiana’s Bayou, the whole feel of the book was a little bit magical, and a whole lot creepy, which only makes me want to read the rest of the series more.

Elita is trying to outrun the family curse but no matter where she goes, trouble follows and it’s only getting worse. She heads to the Bayou to seek out a way to break the curse by way of the mysterious Bernaux brothers. Upon arrival at their house, she finds only the lovely Pryor at home. Attraction hits them both instantly and Pryor can do nothing but agree to help, even when he knows it is one of the most dangerous curses he’s ever tried to break, especially on his own. As the curse gets stronger, the danger for them both gets more real. Will they be able to break it before one of them ends up dead? And can they protect their hearts from each other when both of their situations seem so helpless.

This is a very different book and I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed it. Peppered with rich descriptions of a place I’ve only seen in movies and occasional French phrasing, the whole thing just seemed so magical. I cannot comment on the authenticity of any of it but, as it’s a book about magic, curses and entities, I think I would allow the author creative license anyway. What I will comment on is that this book was blatantly a set-up for the rest of the series as well as an individual romance. The beginning is a little slow as we, the readers are introduced to the world, the people and the curses. It does speed up though so stick with it.

I liked Elita. A desperate woman, she was still never the type of person that would sacrifice someone else to save herself. She jumped into a relationship with Pryor, pushing away his concerns and making her own mind up. I liked that she wanted to embrace life and take chances, even with her curse breathing down her neck. I liked the way that she refused to take her fate lying down, even as scared as she was. She was a fantastic character to read about.

Pryor was pretty much a dream hero. He never lied to her about anything, he never short-changed her or tried to tell her what to think or feel; the only thing he tried to protect was his own heart which he pretty much gave up trying to do after about 20% of the book. He embraced and relished her strength and he only tried to do what he could to protect her, even when he knew the risk to himself. He was pretty damn cute and some of his lines were pretty damn swoony.

This is an insta-lust book. She walks up his path for the first time and he gets a hard-on and he pretty much stays that way for the entire book. I didn’t have an issue with this (I actually laughed at the first hard-on description…) but that’s no surprise. There is a whole lot of sex in this book and it’s all fantastically written.

The  spooky undertones to this book also really were fun. There was a real sense of menace throughout the whole thing and I loved that I had no idea how it was all going to work out. The threat never seemed to disappear and, if it eased for a time, it only seemed to come back stronger and more deadly. It definitely doesn’t work out the way I expected .. I like surprises!

Overall, a solid start to a sexy, spooky series. I really can’t wait to see what happens in the next two books (did I mention that Pryor has two brothers…. )


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