A Vicky ARC Review – After the Crux by Dani Worth (4.75 Stars)

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When the crux virus struck, it wiped out nearly everyone. There were very few survivors and most that did, ended up trying to protect themselves from the raiders.  In the desolate world that they are living in they have created their own family and will protect each other to the end.
For a long time Ross has been trying to ignore that his feelings for Jenna and Dorian have changed over the years. When he first found them 14 years ago he wanted to protect them. Now he wants both of them in a way that he thinks he should be ashamed of, especially as they have been in a relationship for a while. So whenever Ross goes on a supply run he hopes that he will find someone for himself to love but always returns alone.
Jenna and Dorian love Ross and they realise it is more than just as family – they want him as their lover too.  When Ross is injured, Jenna and Dorian are terrified that they will lose him and the chance to show him how they feel.
Ross is such a strong character. He tries to take care of everyone, even if it’s at a detriment to himself.  He is his family’s protector and provider – whenever he goes on a supply run he always tries to find other survivors that he can help and items that he knows his family would love. He is really conflicted as he feels that he shouldn’t have the feelings he does for Jenna and Dorian. What makes it more difficult is that he doesn’t believe that they would reciprocate his feelings and if they did whether their family would accept their situation.
Dorian was a bit of a dark horse to me – I now have a huge soft spot for him and the scene in the supply closet with Ross, my god can I just say HOT, HOT, HOT!!! He knew what he wanted and was willing to risk going for it. He didn’t give in to his nerves about Ross rejecting him. He has become the family doctor and is as dedicated as Ross in caring for his family, just in a different way.
Jenna is one lucky lady! She accepts and understands Dorian’s feelings toward Ross and doesn’t doubt that they are all meant to be together. She seemed to have taken on the hunter/gatherer role for the family which I was impressed by and she isn’t the type of person to sit back and let others do all the work.
The relationship between Ross, Jenna and Dorian is strengthened by their friendship and knowledge of each other that has developed over their years together. They have a devotion to each other that is something that I would only expect after the experiences that they have been through together. The people they have rescued and added to their family over the years has only strengthened them further, providing them with much needed security.
I really enjoyed all the various dynamics of the characters within the story and am intrigued by what may happen in the future. After the Crux is an wonderfully written, emotional story that I just couldn’t put down – Dani Worth has done it again!

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