A Vicky Contemporary Review – Melting Jane by Lissa Matthews (4.5 Stars)

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Graham Hall is a twenty-six year old Texan with the job of his dreams: being a freelance travel writer for a national publication. He’s just finished his latest article about small winter resort destinations in Colorado and has earned some personal down time. With the six month lease not yet up on the small cabin he rented, Graham decides to stick around the area for a while and in the process, finds himself agreeing to a blind date with a feisty, down on her luck in the love department, candy maker named Jane.

After all, what could it hurt?

Jane, completely oblivious to the set up, arrives at Graham’s isolated little valley cabin to deliver a box of her handmade Chocolate Kick truffles. From the moment Graham opens the door, Jane is tongue tied and ticked off. Edward, her business partner and most certainly former best friend, set her up. When she regains her ability to put two coherent words together, plus size, mid-thirties Jane apologizes for intruding and assures Graham that she will take care of the mistake.

What ensues is a series of encounters and confrontations between Jane and Edward, Jane and Graham, and Edward and Graham. At the heart of it all, is Jane’s happiness. Edward wants this for her more than anything. Graham finds himself caught up in her tart tongue and curvy body and isn’t about to call his all too real pursuit a failure, no matter how many times she says no.

With her inability to continue denying herself the man she affectionately refers to as Cowboy Surfer in her head, she gives in and is rewarded with scorching hot sex and a lot of follow-up phone calls after she learns the truth of Graham’s attraction. His persistence leads Jane to believe that life doesn’t have to revolve around chocolate truffles, but rather should revolve around a delicious, well traveled and well built younger man.

Jane has been set up. Her best friend, Edward, has sent her out on a delivery up in the mountains which actually turns out to be a blind date. She was confused that he wanted her to made the trip as he normally deals with their customers but it does explain his insistence that she dress up for it. Jane is not a happy bunny though, even if she does find the guy Edward picked for her nearly as irresistible as her chocolate truffles. She makes her escape as soon as she realises what’s going on but not before Graham, her blind date, throws her totally off balance with a mind boggling kiss.

When she returns home, she finds Edwards reasoning  for setting her up a bit hurtful although she knows what he is saying is the truth. When Graham turns up that evening she is amazed.  she is shocked to find that he isn’t finished with her and continues to pursue her for a date even with Jane trying to send him away at every step. Jane draws him in with her insecurities and her strength and he doesn’t want to walk away from what he thinks might be his chance at happiness.

I really understood Jane. Even though she was battling her insecurities and wanting to hide from the world because of her recent breakup, she still had an inner strength that kept her going. It was that which ensured that she didn’t believe in the perceived faults the cruel comments and  her insecurities caused.

Graham is what every girl needs after a breakup – a sexy ‘cowboy surfer’ to make them realise that they are beautiful and wanted if they would only put their fears aside and see what others see.  He is confident about who he is and what he wants. Graham also has a sweet vulnerable side and he has obviously been running from any chance at a serious relationship after being hurt when he was younger. Jane, and the feelings he has for her, makes him want to take the chance and make it work.

Edward is the perfect friend – he is brutally honest when he knows it’s necessary but still caring for Jane in everything he does – what more could you ask for really.  He is obviously really close to Jane and her happiness is very important to him but he understands his best friend better than anyone so he knows when to back off or when to push Jane.

This is such a sweet story with just the right balance of insecurities and strength so it doesn’t fall in to the depressing self hatred realm. I really identified with all the characters and just generally enjoyed the whole story. 

If you’re feeling a bit down this is a great pick me up or if not it’s just a fantastic feel good read.

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