A Vicky Contemporary Review – Sweet Deal by Kelly Jamieson (5 Stars)

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Shelby struggled to find a new job after she was made to leave her last company when her boss, who she was having a relationship with, decided to deflect the blame from his mistake on to her. When she eventually found another job she wanted to prove that she was good at what she did and not just a blonde bimbo as most people perceived her. Everything is going so well for her until her boss seems to be getting too friendly and her colleagues start to give her the cold shoulder.  When her boss asks her about the company picnic she has a bright idea – tell him she is bringing her boyfriend. The only problem is that she doesn’t have one!
When the sexy guy from the coffee shop sits with her she blurts out about the sticky situation she finds herself in and much to her surprise he offers her a solution – he’ll pretend to be her boyfriend!  (Java the Hut has to be the greatest coffee shop name ever!)
Jake goes to the picnic with Shelby and everything is going really well until they run in to her boss and his wife. Jake can’t believe that Shelby’s boss, Andrew, used to be his best friend before he fell in love with Jakes girlfriend who is now Andrews wife.  What really gets to Jake though is that they seem to pity him.
After the picnic and some really hot sex they decide to continue with their charade, each for their own reasons. But the more time they seem to spend together the stronger the chemistry seems to get and the more confused they both seem to be. Are they going to be able to stick to their original deal or will they end up dropping the act?
Even though Jake is a very charismatic, confident person he is so emotionally repressed. He  is too scared to admit to himself that he is developing really strong feelings for Shelby. His actions throughout the story made me think of him as a really sweet loving person and that he was just looking for the right person to open up to, even if he didn’t realise it. He was naturally supportive to Shelby in everything, encouraging her when she needed it or just being there when things went wrong.  He was the perfect boyfriend to her. When he was keeping things from her I could understand his reasoning but just couldn’t believe that he couldn’t see the problems that it would cause.
Shelby has had a tough time of it but she has stayed strong and pushed herself to get the things that she wants. I really liked that she was honest enough with herself to recognize the reasoning behind why she falls in to bed and in love with men so quickly – that understanding of yourself seems to be a rare characteristic and made Shelby that much more likeable to me. She knows her flaws and tries to prevent herself falling in to the same situations that she has been in before.  She is a sweet person who goes out of her way to be nice to people but she is also very logical. Normally, I would think that being logical was a good thing but I think in Shelby’s case she tended to over-analyse things and sometimes jumped to the wrong conclusions because of past experiences.
Shelby’s friends were great – they know each other so well and they support and look after each other but in a non-obtrusive way, except for when they turn up uninvited JThey know how Shelby is with relationships but they leave her to find her own path, knowing that they are there if she needs them.
This is such a sweet story and the romance between Jake and Shelby was really heartfelt. Jakes actions when Shelby needed him most is what made this story for me – the support he provided to not just her but her friends as well made me fall a bit in love with him.
A wonderfully written story. This was just what I’d been looking for in a contemporary. It had everything from romance to tear-jerker moments to ‘I can’t believe you’re doing that’ moments and all with plenty of hot sex! What more could a girl ask for?

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