A Vicky MM Review – Swan by Kris Andersson (3 Stars)

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After feeling stifled in the office, Tom decides to forgo his standard lunch options and take a walk near the lake to try and help him relax. He spots a beautiful man dressed head to toe in white looking slightly forlorn. He is instantly drawn to him and tries to catch up to the elusive man but loses him in a crowd. He knows that he should be more focused on his relationship with Rob but that situation is complicated.

They’ve been dating since the fateful day Tom walked in to a car showroom and decided to go for a test drive. Tom is fully aware of the lengths Rob will go to clinch a sale, even if that means action in the back seat with the customer and vivid descriptions of his escapades never fail to turn him on yet if it doesn’t make him happy. After returning home early from a business trip, Tom finds Rob in bed with a famous footballer. Rather than leave he joins them but when Rob witnesses Tom receiving some one-on-one action from their guest he gets a bit jealous and they both realise that things aren’t working out for them and decide to go their separate ways.
When Tom returns to Paris for business the last person he expects to see is the man from the lake and this time he is determined to catch up to him. After this first meeting they start to date but family history makes their situation that much more complicated…
Although at times I felt this was like bad 80s porn with the moustaches and hairy chests, I actually found most of the story quite entertaining.
Tom seems to have had an interesting life. Although he has what appears on the surface to be strong friendships with people throughout his life, I got the impression that he had never really let himself get emotionally close to anyone. He formed intimate bonds with people but never really gave anyone his heart until he met Swan.
Swan is a really messed up person. He never recovered from the death of his mother and father and then the treatment he received from his uncle just seemed to compound all of his struggles. I wasn’t sure what parts of his life were real and what he had embellished but I do believe that he genuinely wanted to be happy with Tom.
As a couple they seemed to be perfect together – Swan needed someone to be strong for him and Tom needed to be needed to really be able to get past his emotional barriers.
The set up did not prepare me for what was going to happen; I didn’t even have an inkling. I’m not going to tell you any more other than that I was shocked! I think that is the only way that I can describe this book. It totally took me by surprise and I am still struggling to decide how it made me feel.

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