A Vicky PNR Review : Blood of the Demon by Rosalie Lario (4 Stars)

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Keegan and his brothers have been assigned to stop their father from starting the apocalypse but in order to do so Keegan must protect the one person that holds the key to everything.

One minute Brynn is making deals with herself for an early night and the next she is waking up to find she’s been kidnapped by the sexy guy who had walked in to her gallery. She starts to panic but takes reassurance from the fact she has a way to protect herself, something she has always kept secret. Much to her horror though, her talent doesn’t seem to work on him at all.
In an attempt to calm Brynn and keep her on side Keegan and his brothers explain to her about Mammon, the Book of the Dead and the zombie army that he is planning on raising with her help but Brynn seems to think it’s all too farfetched. As she learns about their abilities she begins to trust them as they are like her. With their cover story of working for a secret government organisation Brynn starts to think of the brothers as superheroes and it’s a notion that Keegan doesn’t want to dispel.
Brynn can’t believe her eyes when they are attacked. Their attackers aren’t human.  Keegan tries to explain to her about Demons and shocks her even further with his confession that he’s a one too.
After leaving Brynn for a while to collect her thoughts, Keegan tries to talk to her again. Brynn is still a bit dubious about everything Keegan is telling her and asks him if she can ‘read’ something of his. She uses her other power to see the memories that are held in his necklace and is shocked by the life that Keegan had as a child. She can’t believe that anyone could treat their son’s the way he and his brothers had been treated and realises that Keegan is an inherently good person. When she lets go of the necklace and the past that she witnessed, she’s in Keegan’s arms. As emotions pour through both of them, they come so close to kissing before Keegan freaks out and drops the bombshell that she is also part Demon!
After the Demon attack the brothers decide its best to relocate as Mammon has clearly discovered her identity. So they split up, with Keegan and Ronin trying to keep Brynn hidden while Taeg and Dagan leave to see if a hunch leads anywhere. But can they stop Mammon and avoid having to follow the Councils directives. With the tension building between Keegan and Brynn will they eventually give in to the temptation?
Keegan is the type of person that takes his responsibilities very seriously. He feels like he let his brothers down as he wasn’t able to protect them from their father when they were young. He finds his feelings for Brynn confusing as they conflict with his duty and might end up causing his brothers to take on a duty that he alone agreed to. The small gestures and concessions he made to try and make Brynn more comfortable only highlighted further his goodness. And what can I say, the rock hard muscles don’t really hurt his appeal either!
Even with her world being turned upside down and all the things that she never thought could exist being thrown in her face, Brynn keeps her cool. She doesn’t just react, she thinks things through and goes with the facts that she has rather than jumping to conclusions. For someone who has been through what she had as a child and the problems that she must have faced trying to hide her gifts, she seemed like a balanced person with a sense of humour and a backbone of steel, all which I think are impressive character traits.
Taeg, Ronin and Dagan were all such diverse, entertaining characters but it was obvious that they found strength in each other and Keegan. They would do anything for each other, even if it means putting themselves in danger. The brothers clearly didn’t feel that Keegan had ever let them down but they also understood he would always have that guilt and would try to protect them.
The trust that Brynn had in Keegan was very sweet, even if it did sometimes feel slightly naive. Once they managed to get past all of their hidden pasts, secrets and half truths it strengthened their relationship and in some ways made them come to terms with what they felt for each other. The sacrifices that they were both willing to make just proved to me that they were meant to be together.
Blood of the Demon is a fast paced, interesting introduction to the world of Demons, Sirens, Fae and other mystical beings and, personally, I can’t wait to find out more about Keegan’s brothers, especially Taeg.

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