A Vicky PNR Review – Civil Twilight by Mandy M. Roth (5 STARS)

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I absolutely love this series so decided to do a complete re-read before I read Civil Twilight – although you really don’t need to have read the previous books I would highly recommend it otherwise you are missing out on some gorgeous characters, fantastic stories and hot sex!


The hero in this instalment was so unexpected. I never thought that Stegian would get his own story so I was totally shocked when I started to read and realised this fact. Stegian is the evil that has threatened and harmed the people of Shamenia for many years. He is a vampire and sorcerer of unprecedented power who’s demon overpowered his control when he crash landed on to the planet.  He has been hell bent on ruling the planet and destroying the Janelles since his arrival and has been behind all the horrors that have befallen the people of Shamenia.


Jacquelyn is the youngest of the Janelles and has been kept alive for years on life support after she was attacked by her father when he was under Stegian’s control. Jacquelyn is extremely powerful now that she has come in to her powers and unbeknown to her family has ascended from her old damaged body and has been given a new chance at life and also at love. But she must succeed in her task to save the man from the demon in order to meet her mate. She is fully aware that if her family find out about what she is up to they will try to stop her but she knows this is what she was born for.


Stegian is so conflicted with himself and his feelings. As much as he is attracted to Jacquelyn he understands the damage that he has caused to her and her family in the past and doesn’t understand how she is able to get past that. But Jacquelyn realises that it wasn’t him behind all the atrocities, it was his demon. She believes that she knows the type of person he really is and hopes that he will trust in her faith of him. They were an unexpected couple but they are perfect for each other, even though their life together will be complicated due to the past, it’s obvious that they will overcome anything that is thrown at them.

This is skilfully written so that even though the villain is now the hero the evil still exists separately from the man. I’m sure this new dynamic will make the progress of the series very interesting and I for one am waiting with baited breath to find out what happens next.

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