A Vicky PNR Review – Harvest Moon by Tara Olson (3 Stars)

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Warning For Spoilers………………….
When Joe notices the most amazing smell he knows he has to follow it and find the source. He is lured to the Harvest Moon deli but he soon realises that although the food smells great, it’s the gorgeous girl behind the counter that is making his mouth water and making his wolf crazy. From that day on he goes to the deli every Saturday for the chance to see her and River secretly tries to make sure she is out in the front of the shop whenever he is due to come in as although his attention makes her uncomfortable it’s a little exciting as well.

Joe realises that River isn’t the shy, quiet girl he thought she was when he watches her nail a guy in the nuts one Saturday afternoon and decides that he needs to get to know her better, finally getting the chance when he bumps in to her, literally, the following day. They go for a coffee and everything is going really well until Joe scents another wolf then abruptly leaves without an explanation.

Being so confused over what happened at the coffee shop, River goes for a walk but as she is returning she is attacked by 2 wolves. Joe had been following her and charges one of the wolves but the other gets to River and bites her before she kills it. Shortly before she falls unconscious, River can’t understand what she has seen – how could the wolf turn into a man? Joe takes her home and cares for her until she wakes up and then explains what happened and what she will become at the next full moon. Understandably, River totally freaks and kicks him out but she soon realises that she needs answers from Joe as she doesn’t have a clue what to expect. So she goes to find him but is shocked to find a wolf with Joe’s eyes lying on her porch and her shock only increases when she finds a naked Joe walking into her house rather than the wolf.
Things seem to be going well for the couple until one dayJoe leaves to get some food and doesn’t come back. River knows something is wrong and finds his truck on the side of the road, smelling other wolves with blood on the smashed windshield. How will she find him? And if she can, will she be able to save him?

Ok, first things first, I did enjoy this story but my one no-no that I have in PNR is that I don’t want to read about animal sex and more importantly I never, and I mean NEVER want to read about one of the partners being human while the other is in their animal form! Now, I know that this is only one scene in this book, and the human / animal thing is accidental and really short but I felt totally squicked out by the whole thing and in some ways it probably tainted my view of this book slightly.

River was a very independent person but was quite isolated due to her upbringing. She seemed very protective of people she cared about and willing to do anything for them which I think is quite an appealing trait in someone.

Joe was also a bit of a loner so quite suited to River. He was a typical Alpha in some ways but then in others he seemed much more understanding than I would have expected. He never attempted to tell her what to do and only tried to look after her but didn’t shield her from the reality of the world.

The fact that Joe, before the attack on River, would have happily let her decide if she wanted to go through the change meant that I had more respect for him and also made their relationship seem like a partnership. Even though their relationship progressed quicker than they were expecting due to the attack on River, they were both fully invested in making it work, I didn’t get the sensation that it was more one sided.

An enjoyable read with lots of drama and tension even if it did have a squicky moment for me.

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