A Vicky Post – My Biker Hero habit needs feeding

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What is it about a man in leather that seems to do it for so many of us?

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I love a man on a bike, it’s a bit of a weakness, so if a romance has any hint of that I’m all over it. And if it just happens to be a Motorcycle Club then my day is totally made.  There’s just something about it that I can’t resist, especially if the Hero is an Alpha arsehole, although they do need to have some redeeming qualities – I think it’s the powerful, take no shit attitude as well as the fact that family, be it biological or extended, is everything to them. I’m sure it’s also got something to do with the dramatisation of the life, the danger and excitement that seems to surround them all the time as well as the mystery. It’s the fantasy that I would never really want to become a reality.

Tack from Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man was exactly what I want in a biker. He was an Alpha Arsehole but there was just something about him that I couldn’t help fall for.

Horse from Reapers Property was like a rougher version of Tack and was probably more realistic as he was still involved in all the illegal aspects whereas Tack had been pushing his club to leave that behind.  Horse was an even bigger arsehole but I still found a little space for him in my heart – he knew what he wanted and he went for it, even if he went about it the wrong way. He was hurt when Marie wouldn’t accept him even when he knew they were perfect together so he pushed her and protected her the only way he knew how.

I’ve also got a bit of a weak spot for Sons of Anarchy. I started watching the show when it first came out and have watched up to part way through season 4 so far (it’s amazing the things you lose in a breakup, lol).  I love all the drama and the secrets, it just kept me hooked – I know that I’ve missed out on a lot of drama in the last couple of series (and I know about the big shock as well so at least I can be prepared for it when I get to that episode) but I will be going back as soon as I can get my greedy little paws on the box set.

I’m so grateful that this seems to be a popular trope at the moment for romance – I am really excited to see what this year brings and what other bikers I can get my teeth in to.

So are you like me or does the leather wearing biker not do it for you?? Are there any books that I NEED to read – either with bikers or if your feel like a challenge something that might get me hooked just as quick?

8 responses to “A Vicky Post – My Biker Hero habit needs feeding

  1. What a well-timed post! I just read Reaper's Property and it was the first motorcycle hero romance I'd read. Now I'm fascinated and can't wait to read more. Of course, Motorcycle Man immediately came to mind. I've moved that book up to the top of my TBR list. What do I read after that? I can't think of any other motorcycle club hero romances.

  2. I also just finished Reapers Property and cant get enough of these stories. Motorcycle man is my next read. Are there any other books like Reapers Property to read?

  3. @Melissa Cutler You could try Hot Ride by Kelly Jamieson – its a great story about an undercover operation in a Motorcycle club. Or the Black Knights Inc series by Julie Ann Walker – its not strictly a motorcycle romance but it does feature some nice bikes 🙂

  4. @laura troxel I think the author to Satin and Steel is Jayna Vixen and the author of Undeniable is Madeline Sheehan – I've not read either although I do have Undeniable on my kindle – I've just delayed reading it as I have heard that it can be a bit of a tough one.

  5. Yes those are the authors of both books, and both books were absolute page turners and have a good dose of angst, undeniable is a whole story and Satin and Steel is the first book in what could be a trilogy – it's hard to find info apart from on the author's facebook page.

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