A Vicky Quickie Review – Dubious Consent by Cassidy Hunter (3 stars)

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Captured by a ruthless man, Caity is forced to fight other female captives night after night. All she can think about is trying to survive, even as she gives a depraved, paying audience what they want. Surely it can’t get any worse… Until she’s ordered to have sex in front of said audience-with two captive wolf shifters. The wolves are full of rage and the younger one can barely control his shift, but if Caity can survive their lust, she might just find her way to freedom.

Quick story about Caity who has been held captive for 16 months by someone referred to as ‘bastard’. She is normally forced to fight other humans but one night she is made to fuck two shifters in front of the audience instead. The wolves are hot and happy to be with each other, as well as Caity, but the younger of the two, Jake, has trouble controlling his shift. Dmitri and Jake clue Caity in on an escape plan that’s being put in to place by the wolves and some other of her fellow prisoners.

I would really have liked a HEA or a HFN but unfortunately that didn’t happen although I think the way has been left clear for the story to continue and Caity and the wolves to meet up in the future to avenge their treatment – either that or it’s my love of a series and wishful thinking on my part.

This book will not be for everyone. In the sex, although fully consensual between Caity and the wolves, technically they are forced to participate due to their captivity and there is also a scene where Caity is molested by her captor. But if you can get past that and the semi-shift during sex you have a fast paced, action packed story full of shifters and magic.

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