A Vicky Quicky Review – Lust & Longing by Naomi Bellina (3 Stars)

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From intense to light-hearted, this collection of six saucy tales spans the gamut of erotic fiction. Stories include a sexy library menage, a foreplay quickie of daemonic proportions, an action-packed supernatural fantasy, BDSM at the Home for Wayward Women and even more. It’s all right here in this collection. All you have to do is long for the lust!

A collection of erotic stories ranging from threesomes in a library with sexy, fit men to women being given the choice of jail or the Home for Wayward Women where they are used for any of the members’ fantasies, no matter how drastic or harmful. The collection features women with strong spirits, shown in their defiance or the way they go with their pleasures rather than society’s constraints.

I can’t really say much about these stories without giving away the plots. My favourite story from the collection was Let Me Entertain You. This really stood out for me as the story was well written and intriguing as the lead characters actions were unexpected. To be honest I thought Molly’s story was actually more sensual than erotic and this may have been why it stood out for me from the others.
A couple of elements in the other stories I either found unrealistic or uncomfortable but overall this was an enjoyable anthology.

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