A Vicky Review – A Cross of Hearts by J.B. Maverick (DNF)

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The Monster: A sexual psychopath
The Princess: A broken ballerina
The Hero: A burnt out crisis counselor with a vintage Corvette?
…Better pray for a miracle.

Wyatt Halston is a most unorthodox, and gifted, rape crisis counselor when he meets Helen Magdalen, a beautiful ballerina psychologically shattered by a sadistic sexual psychopath. But Wyatt is on the edge of burnout and battling his own demons. Nevertheless, he tries, with the help of a brilliant psychotherapist, a cowboy detective, and a stuffed rabbit, to find some source of healing light to rescue Helen from her darkness. But all the while in the background, “the Dark Man” who tortured and brutalized Helen is still circling and watching. “In the space of a heartbeat, everything changes”, and Wyatt learns that price of love is infinitely higher than he ever imagined.
A truly original novel, with a shocking ending that will leave you breathless and pondering the questions of how we discover who we rae in this life, and what it takes to heal a wounded soul.

It’s not very often that I’m unable to finish a book and I always have this fear that I am missing out on a really great story but on this occasion I just couldn’t carry on.
The basis of the story is a very delicate one and discusses very sensitive issues. I think the author handled this really well but I found it quite depressing and I think this has impacted on my opinion.
The story is written in first person POV which is not something that I have much experience reading. Items within the book, such as the furniture were overly described to the point I can tell you how many drawers there were in the bedside cabinets. I can understand being detailed if it relates to the story but spending 2 pages describing the layout and furniture of the house just seemed slightly over the top to me.
I tried to persevere, as the perspective was different and quite amusing at times, but due to the depressing start and the descriptiveness I had to DNF L

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