A Vicky review – Blood Lust Rising by Fayth Devlin (4 Stars)

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Ella is part vampire and a hunter for the shadow organisation. There is very little love lost between Ella and her partner, Micah, especially as the only reason they were made to work together was so Micah could keep tabs on Ella and report back to his father, the head of the shadow organisation.

 While they are out patrolling one night they run in to what they believe is a succubus and wake up 4 days later in a crappy motel room, covered in blood and have obviously been indulging in extracurricular activities going by the achy muscles and the fact they are both naked and covered in bite marks. Before they get chance to actually talk properly to each other, Ella is exposed to direct sunlight and reacts like she never has before and falls unconscious – when she finally comes round again she is back at home and realises that she is a full vampire.

Unbeknown to Ella, Micah is in hospital as he collapsed shortly after she did. When Ella arrives at the hospital their reaction to each other is explosive and causes concerns for their respective family members who witness it. To top things off, Micah finds out that he is part demon and that he has bonded to Ella. Now that Ella is full vampire they have angered a lot of people with their mating and have to deal with the consequences whilst trying to keep the people they care about most safe.

Although I found the story confusing to start with I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. The banter between Ella and Micah is really amusing and made the whole story more entertaining and enjoyable.  I liked the fact that both characters had their own flaws but they worked hard to overcome them. Other characters that we met throughout had me wondering what their stories were and hoping that I would get to know more about them in the future.

I feel like this is the start of a fantastically entertaining series with so much more to come!

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