A Vicky Review – Blood of an Ancient by Rinda Elliott (5 Stars)

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Saving the love of her life could mean letting her inner darkness out to play.

Beri O’Dell is on a mission. She has to rip back into a hell dimension fast, but needs two things first—the blood of an ancient and a fix for her friend Blythe’s magic, which careened out of control after the battle with the Dweller.

Finding ancient blood isn’t easy when the old ones are rare and unwilling to donate. She needs to find Blythe’s former mentor…except the woman has lost her mind and joined a traveling band of singing witches.

That’s not the only magical monkey on her back. Nikolos is imprisoned, and after a screwed-up spell lets her witness the horror that has become his life, her fear for him grows by the day. Now there’s another problem—a powerful being unleashed during the battle with the Dweller likes her gluttonous new existence, and will kill anyone who threatens it.

But Beri has a few tricks up her costumed sleeve, even if it means mining the darkness of her soul to set everything right…and get Nikolos back in her arms.

Warning: Sleazy ancients. Random fires. Nosy teenage hackers. Hints of off-screen torture. Battles with…Beri doesn’t know what. And one scary boyfriend who keeps inching toward insanity

FTC : I do have an online friendship with this author. Be that as it may, I accepted this book in exchange for an honest review.
In Blood of an Ancient we dive back in to the exciting world of spirit guides, demons and the paranormal where Beri is determined to save Nikolas from hell after he sacrificed himself in the battle with the dweller demon. But she knows she will need to get Blythe’s powers back under control, among other things, in order for her to even reach the realm where Nikolas is being held. A travelling band of singing witches, random attacks and a vampire sprite that happens to be a vital key to Beri’s plans all conspire to make this even more of a challenge for her.


It was nice to see a more emotionally vulnerable side to the kick ass heroine that we first met in Dweller on the Threshold. Previously she had an almost fearless facade, even when we knew it wasn’t something she wanted to be doing, but there were hints at a softer side with how she was with her sister. In Blood of an Ancient, we see more emotional reactions to her situation and the people she cares about and it really enhances her character.

Beri isn’t the only character that we see a softer side of either – Phro is growing as a character and reining in her bitchiness on occasion to show her more vulnerable side who isn’t as confident as she appears.  The random appearances by Beri’s other spirit guide, Fred, who unexpectedly  disappeared are intriguing and I think there is a lot we have yet to find out about that situation. Unfortunately I have a feeling it’s not all going to be good news for Beri.

I really enjoyed Blood of an Ancient and feel like we have just scratched the surface on the potential for this series – its urban fantasy but with slightly more romantic elements which only enhance the story further for me. All the characters, old and new, combined together with a page turning plot helped move this series on to my favourite’s shelf to be returned to again and again. There is so much more I want to say about this book but I’ll just go with DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS SERIES!


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