A Vicky Review – Bloodstorm by Amber Kallyn (3.75 Stars)

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Niki is on a mission. She has been chasing the vampire that murdered her family, turning her in the process, for the past 200 years so that she can get her shot at revenge. When she ends up in Moss Creek the last thing she expects to find is Shane. Not only is he the local sheriff, he is also the Keeper which might make her plans more difficult especially as there is something undeniable between them.

Shane is many things; the sheriff, a shaman and a Keeper. As a Keeper he has a strong connection to the earth and is very powerful. His main task is to keep the peace between the vampires and the wolves, which is a difficult at the best of times. When Niki walks in to his life, she is the last thing that he expects but can’t seem to control the intense pull that he feels towards her.
Niki is a strong character with a ballsy attitude. She is resolute in her task but she realises that unless she works with Shane she isn’t going to get very far at all as she is the most likely suspect relating to the were bodies that have been turning up since her arrival in town. The guilt that Niki feels is something that she tries to keep a firm hold of but even she can’t manage to control it when she is haunted by the ghosts of her family. When Niki takes the young vampire under her wing it just highlights that she is a really caring and compassionate person and is only doing this to release her family.
Shane is very close to his family and turns to them for advice and support throughout. I found this really refreshing as he knew his strengths but also understood that he didn’t have the knowledge that his elders possessed. The problems that he has with his brother is obviously distressing to him, as it appeared like he had lost a friend, not only his brother, to something that was beyond his control.  The relationship that is developing with Niki is controversial and may impact on Shane’s role as a Keeper, with him being seen as bias towards the vampires and not fulfilling his role, but the sexual tension between them continues to increase until they can no longer deny it with steamy results.

I’m not really sure what stopped me totally loving this story. It has all the elements that I love but it just didn’t quite hit the spot. I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and had a bit of a soft spot for Shane’s grandmother as she seemed such a strong spirited woman but somehow the story just didn’t gel for me.
This is an enjoyable action packed story with lots of potential for other books in the series. The characters are believable and grounded and enough background is established to understand the situations that the characters find themselves in but not too much so I was overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to the opportunity of finding out about the other characters that we met and how their stories will develop.

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