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Betrayed by the one heart she thought she could call her own, all because he cheated. Elizabeth Weston didn’t know who to believe anymore. The masked stranger she met at the ball several months ago, disappeared from her life like a thief in the night. Her “fiancé” tossed her love away like yesterdays news. Now she’s back home to lick her wounds and start over.

Marcus Melton is the county veterinarian, not Elizabeth’s dashing, debonair man of mystery. Could he be the tuxedo wearing masked stranger of her fantasies? He wants to find out.

Cattle are dying and bullets are flying. Who’s trying to ruin the Weston’s ranch while leaving dead bodies in their wake? You’re about to find out when you delve into the lives of Red Rock’s up and coming physicians in Doctor Me Up.

Ok, I’m sure you all know that on this blog we love a cowboy – how could we not with all those tight jeans and cheeky grins or brooding gazes – it’s enough to make me want to emigrate, lol. So when I got the chance to read Doctor Me Up, I was excited to get back to the cowboy world and leave the Dom’s that I’ve been associating with in recent books behind for a while.

When we met Elizabeth I was impressed with her actions and the strength that she showed to deal with her ex the way she did. I thought that the story could have real potential but unfortunately I wasn’t blown away by the rest. There were some funny moments: “The attraction between them sizzled like bacon on a griddle.” I’ve never head attraction be compared to something you have for breakfast but it did make me laugh and was a refreshing change to the usual descriptions you hear for the attraction between characters.

The relationship between the Weston family seemed a bit odd for me – I’m sure no one takes that much interest in their siblings sex lives. I’m sure it was an attempt to make the family seem close but it just made it seem forced for me.

I don’t normally take issue to the voices in a story but the conversations that were carried out between the characters didn’t feel natural, more like the a grammatically correct version of how a conversation would normally flow. Also the characters internal conversations seemed rather strange. The characters would talk to themselves (I know, we all do it) but they would get an answer back?!?

Elizabeth was interesting – at the start I really liked her character but I think she trusted Marcus far too quickly for someone that had just been hurt, even though I understand that she didn’t plan for it to develop in to anything more than a fling. Her immediate trust in his dominance was what seemed slightly out of place as she was willing to let him do anything to her straight away. I’m not really sure why but towards the end I found I didn’t like her character as much – I think because she had such a strong start I was expecting a bit more from her.

Marcus was unexpected. To start with he was cheeky which I really liked but then as soon as he got Elizabeth in the bedroom he became a Dom. It was almost like his character was changed to fit this part of the story – he seemed so laid back at the start and then he switches to uber Dom who dishes out punishments for the slightest bit of back chat. His character didn’t fit with the easy going vet that he was made out to be. I’m not naive enough to think that because he was that way with others that he wouldn’t be the Dom as well but it just didn’t seem to fit.

This book did have its good points and is a good choice if you’re looking for an easy read. I think if I had read the other books in the series I might have had more of an understanding about the characters that we meet, or that are regularly mentioned, but I could still follow the plot without having read them so it’s not essential.

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