A Vicky Review – Fineprint by Alanna Coca (5 Stars)

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Since Kara has decided to have a child she has been on the lookout for the perfect ‘donor’. In an effort to protect her heart from further pain she doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, she just wants to choose the person who is going to biologically be the father of her child. She even has a contract written up and her endless questions prepared before she approaches Derek, the guy that fits her requirements perfectly.
Derek is totally thrown by Kara’s proposal and her very businesslike approach to something so personal. His flirting doesn’t seem to be getting through to the ice maiden so he decides to mix things up a bit in an attempt to see if there’s a real person behind the smart business suit. Even though Kara tries to stick with her business attitude, Derek starts to work his way in to her heart.
I loved watching the relationship between Kara and Derek develop. The attraction was obviously there from the start but it took a while for Kara to actually open up and show her true nature. When she finally did come out of her shell the passionate person that she had kept buried took Derek by surprise.
The friendship that Kara had with her sister Krista made the story for me. It highlighted that she wasn’t the uptight, cold person that she was trying to be but was actually a very loving and caring person who knew how to laugh and joke but was scared of being hurt again.
The twist was unexpected and added another, grittier element to the story. Ms Coca is fast becoming an autobuy for me. Once again this is a fantastically written story where the relationships aren’t rushed and the story flows at just the right pace. 

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