A Vicky Review – Gangbusters by Michele Hart (4 Stars)

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Gangbusters is an different take on a demon story that kept me up far too late to finish it!

Faith Vedder is a crime reporter who is obsessed with writing a Pulitzer winning story – she’s even brought the dress she plans to wear to the award ceremony. She receives a tip off about a new drug called Blindfold and ends up involved in an I-Marshal case set to take down the gangs involved.

I didn’t like Faith for a large chunk of the book as she was just so preoccupied with winning the Pulitzer that she couldn’t see the bigger picture of the damage she could cause even when she was being told what was going on around her and how her story would affect everything. Eventually I started to warm to Faith, when she stopped putting her chance at a Pulitzer before everything else, but she is not a character that I would be interested in following any further.

Danny on the other hand is a totally different matter 😉 He’s an I-Marshal with a wicked smile and a dark side who likes his job as a demon slayer. When he’s undercover he is known as Heretic, a hit man who has a reputation for enjoying the torture of his victims.

Danny first comes across Faith as Heretic when she’s the target of a contract. There is something about Faith that Danny is unable to resist. Rather than fulfilling the contract he dumps her off on another planet, making her ‘disappear’. Danny seems to have some issues with his dark side and struggles to believe that he is a good man. He knows that his team members don’t approve of some of his methods but he does get results even though he is losing more of himself every time.

Danny and Faith are a volatile couple. He’s a true Alpha male and wants to protect her and still get the job done where as she is willing to put herself at risk for the sake of her story even when she knows about the war that is taking place around them. With the attraction between them it isn’t long before they get together, even though it could put the case at risk. After Faith has a visit from an angel she starts to question who Danny really is and they struggle to trust each other because of how they manipulated each other to benefit their own goals. Eventually they both realise that the barriers that are stopping them being together don’t matter and that if they want to they can work through it.

Sean and Kasey are the other members of the I-Marshal team and each have their own set of skills so that they can destroy the new drug and the gangs involved. When the investigation first started Sean met Isabella who had been sold to one of the gang members as their ‘wife’. Sean rescued Isabella and got her the help that she needed and they fell in love. Isabella appears to be a meek and mild person but proves her strength to Faith when they are attacked by a demon. I really enjoyed the small pieces that we saw of Isabella and Sean together and would like to have learnt more about them.

The story was full of entertaining and imaginative characters and, even though I found it a bit slow in places, I would love to see more of the other I-Marshalls.

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