A Vicky Review – Kithra by Dani Worth (5 Stars)

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This is a fantastic, entertaining story with a lot of emotional turmoil simmering underneath all the heat.

Lux is a spaceship captain who is reassigned, along with her second-in-command, to Kithra, a planet that was destroyed by explosions and poisonous gases years before. The planet is now uninhabitable and they will be working together to re-establish the mining capabilities along with a Gwinarian survivor. When they meet Egan at the collection point it becomes apparent that there is a history between Lux’s second-in-command, Kol, and the Gwinarian.

Lux was a great character who I found easy to identify with – she knows what’s important to her and what she has to do to keep hold of that but she isn’t selfish when she cares about people. When she struggles with her feelings she doesn’t immediately blurt everything out, she keeps things to herself and deals with them before voicing anything.

Kol has kept his feelings towards Lux to himself, along with a lot of other painful memories from his past. He is the mechanical genius of few words and a beautiful body sculpted from his many, many hours working out while trying to distract himself from his fantasies. When he first recognises Egan the shock and all the pain of his repressed memories comes flooding out. After storming off from his confrontation with Egan, Lux finds him in the engine room and they stop ignoring the attraction they both feel.

If Kol is the dark and brooding character then Egan comes over as the bubbly cheerful one, even if he does have his own issues he tries to keep them hidden behind a cheeky grin. Egan is a Gwinarian who lived on the planet before the explosions and has a shocking secret that he is keeping from Kol. In the past Kol and Egan were friends and there has always been an undeniable pull between them that Kol has so far managed to avoid, much to Egan’s disappointment.

With the prospect of spending a year on the beautiful but dangerous planet, the tension and attraction between Lux, Kol and Egan continues to increase until things finally reach boiling point. The attention and care that they each show each other throughout the story is beautiful and added another layer to the story for me.

I loved how this book was written and the characters really came to life for me. The sex is hot, the emotions are deep and the tension is palpable throughout which all made for an incredible story to me and I can’t wait to read more.

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