A Vicky Review – Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley (5 Stars)

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I’d heard people mention this author and the term “book crack” a lot and being in a bit of a slump I decided to give one a try. I have a REALLY big weakness for bikers with their tattoos, awesome bikes and their tight fitting jeans / leathers so Motorcycle Man seemed like a good place to start even if it did throw my OCD self in to a bit of a craze as it was the last in the series. That wasn’t a problem though, the book read well as a standalone (I have gone back and purchased the others in the series and promised myself I will start from the beginning so my series OCD is back on track 😉 )

And apart from struggling to stay awake the next day due to the stupidly late night it caused I loved it!

Now, I’m not saying it’s the most perfectly written book but the story was strong enough and had me hooked that I could look past that and just enjoy the story for what it is.

The characters were great. I think that without Tack being Tack I would have put the book down fairly quickly. I liked Tyra but she seemed a bit wishy washy to start with but when she went a bit crazy she started to grow on me more, like she’d been hiding away who she really was and what was important to her.

What can I say about Tack, other than Wow, where do I find one! He was so controlling but it worked for him. He knew what he wanted and was determined to get it, no matter what. His children were very important to him and although he wasn’t a traditional sort of father he had a great relationship with both his children and it softened his character a bit.

Tack & Tyra’s relationship was a bit like watching a game of tennis with all the toing and froing. Tyra just seemed to want to bolt at even a hint that things weren’t going to be how she expected but Tack remained steady and seemed to be unfazed by her reactions. They worked well together, sort of balancing each other out.

The club was a vital part of the story and was how I would imagine it to be (with my total lack of experience of that world). I liked the fact that Tack was trying to keep them on the right path and away from the illegal activities they used to be involved in. 

If you love Sons of Anarchy or even just have a thing for men on bikes (I admittedly fall in to both categories) then give this a try and let me know what you think J

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