A Vicky Review – No Turning Back by HelenKay Dimon (5 stars)

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The Hanover brothers inherited some bad behavior from their con artist father. Now three strong women will make honest men out of them.

After ten years in the Army and four overseas deployments, Declan Hanover is ready for life away from a military base. Sweetwater, Oregon, a sleepy coastal town, seems like the perfect place to start over. His plan is to work out a deal with his brothers and the bank to let him keep the estate they’ve inherited, Shadow Hill. But he wasn’t prepared for Leah Baron, whose family lost everything to his father’s cons—including the house Declan intends to make his own…

Leah thinks Declan is just like his conman father. He possesses a bad boy charm that makes her heart pound, but that doesn’t mean she can trust him. All she wants is to get close to him so she can get her house back. But Declan has other ideas. He doesn’t mind being in close proximity to Leah—as long as it’s in the bedroom… 

I loved this book – I would have read it in one sitting if it wasn’t for my damn kindle battery dying! As it was I ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep so I could finish it – I love my sleep so you can tell how good this book is.

Declan and Leah’s story is so complicated but in a good way – the background and history between them, although they’ve never met, meant they would never have an easy time of it, either because of themselves or others. They were the sort of couple that shouldn’t be together but if they can just get past all the prejudices, their own as well as other peoples, they would be perfect for each other.

Declan is a good guy who has tried to be a better person than his father and avoid getting dragged down by all the accusations, He has spent his whole life being followed around by people that have a grudge against him but he has learnt to deal with it in a way although it never gets any easier.  He’s cocky but it works for him as its only with Leah, with everyone else he is a true gentleman.

Leah had issues! But she knew it and wanted to move on – but it’s very difficult to leave behind something that has been such a huge part of your life since your childhood. Its especially hard if you feel like you are letting your father down by moving on – I felt sorry for her really as she had had just as awful a life as Declan with all the pressure and disappointment that her father placed on her shoulders. When things finally started to work out for her I was pleased – it would have taken a lot of guts to act the way she did and go against everything you’ve ever known.

 I loved all the ground work that was put in for the other brothers stories; it wasn’t overly in your face, just enough to make me want to know more.  And Leah’s best friend was an excellent addition to this interesting cast – she was such a contradiction and fascinating whenever she was in a scene.

A fantastic compelling start to a series that is obviously going to be filled with twists and turns, surprised and revelations. I can’t wait to get to know more about the Hanover brothers.

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