A Vicky Review – Pandora: An American in Prague by Zoe Myonas (3 Stars)

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When Communism fell in Czechoslovakia Pandora agreed to leave America and move to her husband’s home country on one condition – she can open the lingerie store she has always wanted. Everything is going to plan -they are successful, their relationship is strong and their sex life is unbelievably hot, what more could they want from life? But they both still have their fantasies. The question is can Pandora make their fantasies reality and keep her idyllic life?

Pandora an American in Prague is a slightly different take on erotica – it definitely has all the sex you could want but the characters had a lot more depth than I am used to with erotica, making it quite a surprising read.
Pandora loves her life and enjoys pleasing her husband and decides she wants to take that further by fulfilling his fantasy of a threesome with two women. When she starts to consider the idea, she is surprised by how turned on she is. She is really happy with the world that they have made for themselves and has faith in her relationship that anything that they do will not damage this. But fulfilling Ty’s fantasy leads on to many others of her own…
Although I sometimes had issues with what she was doing, I could also see that her love for her husband never wavered. Her actions were generally limited to one time only experiences so I managed to overlook them and it always seemed to work in her favour anyway.

Ty was a difficult character for me – he did seem to love Pandora but at times I felt I was questioning why she was with him as he seemed so wrapped up in his own world. I also got the impression that status was really important to him but this could probably be put down to him trying to make his business a success in a difficult country with officials who valued the material aspects of life.
Cherise was my favourite character; so flamboyant and outrageous but still very caring of the people she classed as friends. Her attitude to life was fantastically carefree and probably influenced Pandora on more than one occasion. Even though she was so totally over the top you could still see that under the surface she was very intelligent and didn’t miss a thing.
Where Cherise was the life and soul of the party, Danka was the quiet wall flower but still had a great presence.  It was almost as if you could see her confidence growing every time she appeared on the page and the character extremes made everyone seem more real.
If you’re looking for erotica with a bit more then definitely give this a try!

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