A Vicky Review – Preview by Alanna Coca (4 Stars)

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Ryann has always had prophetic visions and after she witnesses a murder in one of her visions she decides to try to find the per
son and warn them about what she has seen. When by chance she sees Victoria, the victim in her vision, at the local coffee shop she follows her back to her office and tries to warn her.
I appreciated that Ryann was very guarded and secretive about her visions and wasn’t quick to trust that people would believe her. The friendship she had with her best friend Ashley was important as it proved that people can trust her visions and that she can also trust them with the information without them patronising or humiliating her.
When Trevor first appeared in the story I really didn’t like him. He seemed to have a really bad attitude problem and his arrogance definitely didn’t endear him to Ryann. As Trevor’s true character became apparent he became much more attractive and showed that he was actually a genuine, caring person that Ryann could trust. The desire that they felt for each other was palpable throughout the book and wasn’t even dampened when they were attempting to keep Victoria safe.
Victoria is rude and self-entitled and doesn’t show any respect for anyone. A few times I got the impression that there might have been a vulnerable person underneath her icy facade but then that small glimpse would disappear and she would continue to treat everyone with disdain. As harsh as it seems to say in some ways she makes you think that she deserves what is coming to her.

I haven’t read much romantic suspense recently but this book has definitely made me want to change that. I am looking forward to reading more by Ms Coca as this story had the right balance of romance and intrigue to keep me turning the pages. With the suspense building storyline and the huge twist I found this difficult to put down. 

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