A Vicky Review – Return to Sender by Annabeth Albert (4 Stars)

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Jack Donovan and Bree Hendricks have been in hot competition since their school days, whether it’s tussling over the best apartment or bickering over local leash laws. Bree never turns down a challenge, so when her new toy in its brown paper packaging is delivered to Jack’s doorstep by mistake, he seizes this perfect opportunity to make her act on the long-simmering attraction between them. 

Bree is determined to set a good example for her teenage daughter, and that means no flirting, no flings and definitely no one-night stands. But a bout of saucy cybersex demonstrating her new dildo? There’s no danger in that. Unless Bree allows her heart to become involved…

This book starts off really hot and ends up quite sweet which wasn’t what I expected at all – when I read the blurb it made me think straight up erotica, and honestly who can resist a bit of that every now and again. But as I read the story I realised there was much more going on that just a bit of no strings sex between neighbours.

Bree & Jack have known each other since school and they battle over everything, no matter how insignificant it might be. There is obviously a lot of history between the pair which has on occasion left some hurt feelings and maybe some bitterness.

Bree is so repressed and worried about what everyone thinks of her and the impression she is making for her daughter that she has closed off any opportunity for a relationship or even just a bit of fun. But even with any potential sex life on shut down she still has needs but she never expected her impulse buy one night would land her in this situation.

Jack appears to be a typical bachelor to start with – he is always sparing with Bree over anything but the more we found out about him you realise that there is another side to him. He wants Bree and always has done. He’s holding a little bit of a grudge from a past event but he isn’t going to let that get in the way of the fabulous opportunity that has been left on his doorstep.

The cybersex is HOT! and what a way to build the tension between Bree & Jack – the more they’re involved online the more they want from each other.

I really enjoyed this different take on cybersex as its normally, in my mind, reserved for couples or complete strangers but the history Bree & Jack had just made this story really work for me. I honestly didn’t expect it to end how it did, although thinking about it now there were signs from the start that there was more at stake than a little bit of harmless fun.

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