A Vicky Review: Sexy As Hell by Andrea Laurence (3 Stars)

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Strong, sexy and powerful… the kind of man every woman wants in her life and in her bed. But these men are more. Oh, so much more.

Seth gave up everything to circumvent death, including his freedom. Now he’s an immortal warrior serving the Archangel Michael. But Seth has been compromised and he may finally earn his life back. He’s just got to send one sexy, stubborn succubus back to hell.

Camille always thought her neighbor was mysterious and handsome, but she never imagined what kind of work really kept him up so late. The succubus Isra has targeted Seth and she has taken Camille as her host as a surefire way to get to him. Isra has twenty-four hours to seduce Seth and steal his immortal life-force.

The clock is ticking…

I’m not sure what to say about this book – it just seemed such an unusual premise that I struggled to decide how I felt about it. I think the fact the heroine wasn’t actually present through most of the story, even though her body was there, totally threw me off.

Camille’s body had been taken over by a succubus who is after Seth (an immortal) – she needs him to create an immortat Cambion (half human / half demon) – and the only way for her to do this is to get his semen by taking his life force. The last thing she wants to do is fail as she knows the consequences of that would be dire.

Camille is the opposite of the succubus that is controlling her body – she is very prim and proper and girly – the succubus’ actions make her very uncomfortable and embarrassed as she is aware of everything that is happening.

As the evening progresses Seth struggles to control himself and the situation – will he be able to resist until dawn and thwart the succubus’ plans in the process?

Seth had a very demanding ‘job’ that didn’t allow for relationships but it didn’t stop him dreaming of a chance with Camille – he must have had a very lonely life and wanted someone else to be a more permanent part rather than the random hook-ups he was used to – he had a lot of self control but the fact it’s his dream woman tempting him just makes it harder.

This book had lots of teasing and build-up for what I found to be a confusing end. I don’t mean it didn’t make sense, in some ways it did, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and found I was questioning the whole situation.

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