A Vicky Review – Space Pirates’ Bounty by Reagan Hawk (4 stars)

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Scheduled to become head concubine of a sadistic master, Lucia longs to be taken from her life. Born a slave, she believes she will die without ever knowing passion or love. Resigned to a life of cruelty, she never dreamed to find herself sailing the stars and sandwiched between two alpha males, each willing to die to protect her and each willing to see to her every sexual desire. Though both men seduce her, there is only one for her heart…

 Raider, a legend among thieves and space pirates, has amassed a fortune for himself and his crew. Seeking something more daring, he poses as a guard for hire and takes a position within a nobleman’s household with an elaborate plan to claim the man’s riches for himself. He finds himself less concerned about money and more captivated by Lucia—a most alluring bounty. His lust for her is dangerous and could leave them both with a death sentence. He doesn’t care. He wants her and he’ll stop at nothing to have her, to possess her, even if it means stealing her in the place of gold.

This was a requested review. I have no relationship with the author and there was no payment for the review. 

Even though this world was very vivid, it was the characters that made the story for me,  especially Lucia. She was the total opposite to everyone around her and, even though she had a difficult life, she had managed to keep hold of her compassion and caring nature.  For someone surrounded by such violence she had remained somewhat innocent.

Raider was the knight in shining armour type. He originally went to the planet for a job that he couldn’t refuse but once he saw Lucia his plans changed. From the start of the story you can tell that Raider is essentially a good person at heart but he has to look after himself as well as his crew. He did seem to struggle with his feelings for Ewan but when Lucia came in to their lives, and relationship, it seemed to ease the tensions.

Raider and Ewan were hot & I appreciated that Ewan wasn’t instantly in awe of Lucia; he was jealous which made him seem more human. He seemed very conflicted throughout – he knows that his relationship with Raider needed a third to complete them, and Lucia could be that person because they both have an attraction to her, but he also thinks that he might lose Raider to her and that isn’t what he wants. I liked him. 

This is a hot story that shows what people are willing to risk for love even when they don’t realise that it exists only because of the pain and suffering that they have experienced 
throughout their lives.

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