A Vicky Review – Susie White and the Right Hand Man (4 Stars)

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This short story is a new take on the snow white / wicked witch classic and has been really well written so you are kept entertained and wondering how this version is going to play out.

When Suzie’s mum dies she doesn’t want her dad to be on his own when she leaves for university so she encouraged him to start dating again and was happy when he met Louise but after the first meeting it was obvious that Louise didn’t like Suzie at all. 

Suzie meets Scott at her dad and Louise’s wedding and they bond over a mutual dislike for the bride. After a ruined father / daughter moment Suzie drags Scott off to find out all the dirty secrets she can about her new step-mother and her gorgeous assistant.

As the relationship between Suzie and Scott continues to develop after that night at the wedding, the step-mother sets out to put her plan in to motion to make herself the most beautiful one of all again.

The main characters were well written and easily held my imagination and, even though this is quite short at 14 pages, I still felt like I got to know the characters and the personalities. I was pleased that the main parts of the classic story were still identifiable, even if it was slightly more risqué than Disney 😉

Overall this is an interesting take on a classic fairytale which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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