A Vicky Review – Taken Hostage by Ranae Rose (4 Stars)

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Tiffany isn’t the type to waste time daydreaming about men, but when a hot stranger smoking – in more ways than one – on the steps of the bank she works at takes her breath away, she can’t help it. He catches her attention as she exits the building on her way to lunch break, and she leaves fantasizing about helping the bank’s newest customer-to-be with much more than just his finances. When he finally approaches the counter, it’s not to open a new account, but to demand that Tiffany fill a pillowcase to the brim with cash – at gunpoint. The gorgeous gunman takes Tiffany on the run as his hostage, and her fear can’t stand up to her attraction. When he offers to let her return to safety unharmed she realizes that there are many things she wants to do to him, but that walking away isn’t one of them.

This is a fast paced hostage story that develops in to something more and keeps you guessing how things are going to play out.
Tiffany meets a handsome stranger outside the bank when she is leaving for her lunch and the attraction is instantaneous between the two so when he comes in to the bank later on the last thing she expects is for him to point a gun in her face and use her as a hostage.

 While she is travelling with him she finds her kidnapper taking the starring role in her fantasies. Tiffany berates herself for it but as the attraction between them continues to build, it seems almost inevitable that she will get to experience the pleasure that she has been dreaming James can provide.

Even though this is a short story at only 55 pages it remains intriguing throughout. Tiffany realises that she has been unhappy with her simple life and embraces the opportunity for change that James offers her. James has obviously been planning the robbery for quite some time and is highly organised but his reaction to Tiffany is not part of his original plan. The relationship that develops finds them both experiencing emotions that are unexpected and acting totally out of character.

The twists and turns of this story make it entertaining and keeps the suspense and romance equally balanced making it a really enjoyable read!

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