A Vicky Review – The Business of Pleasure by Justine Elyot

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This is the first book that I have read by Justine Elyot and all I can say is Wow! The main story is about Charlotte a submissive who wants to be dominated by two men, so she contacts The Number. They are an organisation who makes fantasy in to reality for people no matter what or how detailed that may be.

Collins and Bryant have been looking for a submissive that will live up to what they need and they think they have finally found that in Charlotte so they set up the fantasy just as she has described to them on her application with themselves as the main characters.

Charlotte’s fantasy is everything she could have dreamed of but then she finds herself back in her day to day life wondering how she is going to be able to experience what she so badly needs again. Then, out of the blue, Bryant turns up at her work with a proposition that she just can’t say no to.

I was impressed with Charlotte and her ability to handle the situation that she found herself in after her fantasy night was over. She was honest with herself over what she really wanted from life and was willing to take the steps needed to make it a reality. I also liked the way that Collins and Bryant valued and were careful with Charlotte even when they were providing her with the things her submissive nature required. They understood her and wanted to do whatever was necessary to ensure her needs were met in every possible way.

As the story proceeds there are other customers fantasies interspersed throughout. To start with I found this quite jarring and disjointed as it was unexpected but as Charlotte’s story continues it becomes clear that some of the people featured in these fantasies would play a part in the main plot.

The relationship that develops between Charlotte, Collins and Bryant is believable and built on the trust that they each have for each other which made this much more plausible to me. The twist wasn’t what I expected but it also made the whole set up seem much more realistic to me than if they had just had their happily ever after.

I found this book to be an exciting insight in to the BDSM world and 
would recommend it to someone who is looking for a well developed erotic story where the characters are believable and the sex is intense!

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