A Vicky Review – The Demon’s Seduction by Penny Alley (3 Stars)

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Kael is in trouble. When someone tries to mug him whilst walking home one evening, he revealed his true self to the mugger who ran off totally petrified. But there was a witness, his neighbour, who saw him in all his horny glory!

You see, Kael is a demon, Kaelythus the Corruptor to be precise. His duty is to corrupt people he comes in to contact with, be it the ‘born again’ bartender or the other patrons of his local bar, he has many targets to choose from but his job just seems too easy and he is unable to derive the same pleasure from his role as he used to. But now that his mishap has been revealed, and news is spreading through the Demon world quickly, he isn’t left with many options and it looks like he will end up fried. Can he prevent his retirement of convince his neighbour that she was imagining things? But soon enough Kael finds out that all is not as it seems….

This was an enjoyable if not slightly unusual read. I found the characters to be incredibly sarcastic and amusing even if I didn’t really understand the roles that they played in the story. It almost felt like it was a novella in the middle of a series where the characters and world has already been created.

Kael was an ornery bugger who was going through the motions with his ‘job’ and taking pleasure from the small things in life like his Hot Pockets and his next door neighbours cat. Even though he was a demon and a corruptor he still appeared to have a strong sense of right and wrong.

I was slightly confused by Heson, or Hesoniel the Betrayer – he was obviously trying to help Kael but it also felt like he had his own motivations like something to gain, behind his reasoning.
The Demon’s Seduction was a totally unexpected yet fun read. It did feel like I was missing out on something, but I was still able to enjoy the story as a whole.

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