A Vicky Review – Timing is Everything by Kellie Kamryn (4 stars)

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A few months after her cancer goes into remission, Cassie Marten’s libido awakens with a vengeance. How unfortunate she lusts after the office playboy who also happens to be her project manager at the architecture firm where she is employed.

Travis Roy’s reputation as a ladies man is unjustified, yet he refuses to dispel it. Aware of what it costs him, he has kept his attraction to Cassie hidden until it threatens to consume him. Passion ignites between the two of them, and he worries the truth might not catch up to his lie.
The two lovers convince themselves their relationship is only about casual sex. But when Cassie is forced to reveal her past medical condition, she learns she’s not the only one keeping a secret.

This is such a sweet story. Travis turns out to be the type of person every girl wants to end up with and Cassie is amazing. She has been through so much on her own but she still has unbelievable inner strength and a positive outlook on life. She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her; she just wants to be treated like anyone else so she decides to keep her cancer a secret. But this leads to an uncomfortable situation when things start to heat up with Travis.

Travis has let the rumours about him spread without even trying to dispel them. He has his reasons but also realises that his so called reputation might make things difficult with Cassie and that he needs to tell her the truth even if neither of them are planning on taking it any further than just casual sex. But things never go how they are planned and sometimes the unexpected changes can make both parties a lot happier and very satisfied.
This is a feel good short that gives you a glimmer of hope that decent and caring men are out there and makes you realise that when you think you might know someone you can be totally wrong.

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