A Vicky Review – Tumbling Hearts by Kellie Kamryn (2 stars)

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When his former elite gymnast tumbles after his heart, one man must choose between his sense honor and giving in to desire.

Anna Fortier has had the hots for her gymnastics coach since the first day he walked through the gym doors. Now nineteen years old, her feelings haven’t faded one bit. Soon to attend University in another province, Anna decides to act like the woman she is, and win his heart.

Twenty-four year old Ukrainian ex-Olympic gymnast, Taras Volkov, traveled to Canada to continue his coaching career and further his education to provide for himself and his family back home. A man who values honor, he fights his attraction to his beautiful ex-gymnast. When she declares her feelings for him, he takes a leap of faith in re-defining their relationship. 

Life couldn’t be more perfect until a careless winter driver causes an accident that renders Anna blind. Taras vows to take care of her no matter what. But when he discovers his mother has fallen ill back home in the Ukraine, he is torn between his duty to family and his love for Anna. Their hearts may tumble as one, but will it be enough to keep them together?

Anna has a crush on her gym coach for years and after she leaves his training to be a coach herself and a pep talk from her step mother she decides to tell him how she feels. Unbeknownst to her he has always wanted her, being intentionally gruff and standoffish to try and keep the distance between them. Her declaration makes her Christmas party a lot more interesting.

Anna seemed very immature – I know that she was only 19, but she felt like a much younger teenager, giggling and gossiping and generally being very naive. I didn’t like her at all. She was stubborn and inconsiderate, acting like life only revolved around her. She had such fast mood changes that at points I struggled to keep up – I thought I’d get whiplash, lol.

I know that the blurb says that Taras is 24 but it didn’t feel that way throughout the story and I’m pretty sure that his age wasn’t mentioned anywhere other than the blurb (which I didn’t read until I was writing up this review) . Now it could be that I completely missed other mentions (or forgot) but I always had the impression he was quite a bit older that Anna. Age differences don’t normally bother me that much, but this one made me feel quite uncomfortable as he admitted to falling for her when he first met her 0when she would have been in her early teens (if he was as old as he seemed this was just wrong to me but even knowing his age now, it still doesn’t feel right). Other than the age thing, Taras came over as quite possessive, but sometimes he was also quite considerate and understanding. He seemed to understand Anna which made their relationship easier.

Everything in this story seemed so rushed – I couldn’t believe that Taras was buying an engagement ring after one night but at least he didn’t give it to her straight away! At points in the book I was thinking what the hell – I can’t believe that would ever happen! (If you read it, you will know exactly what scene I mean – there are times you want to grab your man’s junk and that is NOT one of them). If you’re willing to look past a lot of things there is a sweet story buried underneath, I just struggled with a lot of the details.

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