A Vicky Review – Undeniable Demands by Andrea Laurence (3 Stars)

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There’s Always Room to Negotiate.

When Wade Mitchell finds himself face-to-face with Victoria Sullivan, he has to reconsider his usual tactics. Wade needs to buy something she owns, and he needs it now. Since he and Tori have enough heat to melt ice, it should be a done deal.

But melting Tori’s resolve is a harder task. She’s not giving in to the man who once fired her. Yet Wade has to keep trying, because if he doesn’t, he risks exposing a secret that could destroy his family. When all proper negotiation fails, seduction may be his only option.

Although I found the story line to be fairly obvious the writing kept me engaged and held my interest throughout.

Tori & Wade’s relationship was a bit of a whirlwind romance with the undertone of anger and betrayal running through it but also a lot of hope that things could and would get better.

Tori struggled to form friendships due to how she was raised, but she really wants to put down some roots and try to build her dream home. She was a very naive character to me even though she expected the worst out of people because of her experiences she would still trust people until she was proved wrong. She was also strong and I think this was again because of how she was raised. She had carved out a career for herself doing something that she loved and was passionate about even when she nearly lost everything so early on.

Wade has demons he seems to always be fighting –always trying to do better even though he doesn’t know who he’s doing it for anymore. He is very protective of his adopted family and will do anything necessary to look after them – if he can’t he thinks he has failed again.

I loved Molly, Wades mother, she was such a vibrant character, she reminded me a bit of Polly Chase from Lauren Danes Chase Brothers series, so in control of everything and a total match maker.

All the family were obviously very important to each other and the sons all seemed to have a troubled past that they were trying to get over – it was obvious that if they hadn’t ended up at Eden their lives would have taken a very different path. The only thing that they have to worry about now is the ‘family’ secret. This to me felt like a really important part of the story but something that is going to be hinted at throughout the series – I’m intrigued as to what happened and why…

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