A Vicky Review – Wicked Beloved by Susanne Saville (5 Stars)

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When Dzer-Jin goes to the chattel shelter with his friend Lagi, he wasn’t looking for a slave, but he is inexplicably drawn to a Tellurian. He can’t help find her amusing and wants to see if she can live up to her promise of being the best slave ever, even if it was made in desperation.  As a Guild Assassin he understands death but also thinks his way is far kinder than the slaves that are left at the chattel shelter, knowing that if they can’t convince someone to take them on that they will be put to death.

She was kidnapped from Earth by slave traders and taken into a world that she never knew existed. Her first master was a sadist to the extreme and when he found he was unable to break her, he disposed of her as if she was nothing. Her new master seems to have compassion and is patient with her and above all he promised not to hurt her, what more could she want.

When Dzer-Jin takes her to a club so that she can socialise with other Tellurians, they both receive a bit of a shock. When introductions are being made at what turns out to be a sort of BDSM club Dzer-Jin refuses to break his promise to her and let her be harmed, especially at the hands of someone else. He can tell how scared she is and tries to ignore the fact that he is really turned on. When his authority is challenged, he is surprised when she agrees to have her back sliced. He never expected such trust from her.

Realising that even though he is still much gentler than her previous master, he is repressing what turns him on for her benefit and she worries that if she is unable to satisfy his sexual needs he will grow bored of their situation and move on. But can she give in to the passion that she feels for this man?

I really loved this story. She is scared and destined for death and he protects her, providing him with something he was missing from life.
Dzer-Jin was a contradiction – he is a Guild Assassin and totally deadly but with her he was kind and considerate, if not a little awkward. But his awkwardness actually gave him a more caring air as he was going against what had been ingrained in him as right to please her.  It isn’t until she comes along that he realises he wants more from life but he only wants what’s best for her even if it goes against his own feelings. 

The heroine’s life has been totally turned upside down since her abduction but she refuses to let her situation destroy her. When she sees Dzer-Jin for the first time, there is something about him that reaches out to her and makes her feel safe. The way that he treats her is totally different to most and she quickly learns that she can trust him.

I have to say that knife play is not something that I like the idea of as it seems very extreme but this was well written and focused on the trust she had in her master rather than the pain from the knife and was actually quite a hot scene in the end.

A really enjoyable read that delved in to things that I don’t normally enjoy and changed my opinion.

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