A Vicky Short Review – Reckless in the Moonlight (3.75 Stars)

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Dana Markus has had her fantasies of Lon Corbin, the oldest son of her neighbours, to keep her company since her husband left her for a younger woman. After being caught indulging in one of those fantasies while skinny-dipping, she impulsively invites Lon to join her and is astonished and left speechless when he climbs in to the pool with her.

When Lon is caught watching Dana, the last thing he expects is her invitation but there is no chance he’s going to turn her down. He has been attracted to Dana for a while, admiring her from afar and is already planning to make this more than a one-time thing. He just needs to convince Dana that a relationship could actually work between them and would be unbelievably hot despite the age gap.

Dana is vulnerable after the betrayal of her husband but decides to throw caution to the wind and see where things go with Lon. The more time they spend together the more she realises that she can finally move past her husband’s affair.

Lon is a genuinely nice guy who isn’t bothered by the age difference and is just interested in Dana as a woman. He is exactly what she needed and as the story progresses you can see the personality that she has been hiding coming through.

When their relationship finally becomes public, the pressure Dana feels increases and they find themselves in unexpected situations battling to work through the problems and keep their relationship on track.


In my opinion the differences between two people are unimportant, the only thing that matters is if they are right for each other and Ms Bristol has highlighted this fact really well in Reckless in Moonlight. This is a well written erotic romance made more gripping because it’s not the standard relationship dynamics that we normally read about.

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