Acting Naughty – GA Hauser

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Acting Naughty Series: Action #1
on 2009
Pages: 212
Format: eBook

Keith O'Leary has been trying to break into acting for ages.

When he is offered a part in the newest cable television drama he realizes it could be the chance of a lifetime. Only it means playing a gay man and Keith, live-in girlfriend and all, is definitely straight. Or so he thought, until sexy Carl Bronson kisses him on camera.

Carl Bronson, the consummate professional, never thought he'd fall for a co-star, but he has, and hard, for Keith. To Carl's amazement the feeling is mutual, and soon the sparks start to fly both on screen and off. Things are perfect until someone threatens to expose them as real lovers, placing their future in the acting business in jeopardy.

Will they follow the advice of Keith's agent Adam Lewis, and deny, deny, deny their true feelings to the tabloids?

Or take the chance and expose themselves, their love and possibly risk their careers? Sometimes the hardest role for an actor is real life.

Acting Naughty is the first in the Action series. Did I like it enough to read more? Sure, but I’m in no rush to do so!

I enjoy M/M stories where the characters have to accept their feelings before the relationship can begin. Keith and Carl were good well-rounded characters and I actually cared about their stories. Keith’s biggest issue with his feelings for Carl was how everyone else would react to them. I can imagine that that would be the biggest issue for coming out and I was very happy when he started to accept that his feelings should come first.

The sexual tension built nicely throughout the story, with them playing out their feelings on camera which inevitably amped up their desire off screen! There is no way this show would be aired pre-watershed in the UK…some of those scenes *phew* 😀   I liked the way the author built up their camaraderie before they started with the smexing; I sometimes feel that books fail to establish anything other than the physical relationship, and this certainly wasn’t the case here. When they finally do succumb to the inevitable…wow that is some serious chemistry!

Obviously, there are some trials and tribulations, no, I’m not spoiling them, because they play a role in the plot. None of the secondary characters were particulary well built, so I actually didn’t care for any of them. This wasn’t a problem until I realised that Keith was unfaithful to his girlfriend Patty and I actually did not care, which is completely out of character for me!

I do have one massive issue with this tale; the end was too sudden. I know there is a sequel, but this book was unfinished! It didn’t stop at a cliffhanger, it didn’t stop with a particular plot being finished, it just finished and EVERYTHING was left undone. It will make me read number two, but I would have preferred to read it because I wanted to, rather than I had to!


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