(Another) apology for my minimal blogging

Posted January 31, 2016 by Nix in random musing / 1 Comment

Hi all

Wow,  all I seem to do is apologise for my minimal blogging but I have been trying harder recently. I’ve tried to do at least one review and the 2 memes but my long term goal is to do 3 reviews a week plus my two memes.

That being said, I’ve done nothing this week. I’ve spent a lot of the week helping plan a family funeral and then (of course) I got ill. Hopefully, this week I shall review some things as I have managed to read quite a bit in my downtime. Just to mention again that Facebook have removed the profile for the blog as I’ve been reported as being “not a real person” by someone (I have a couple of ideas who that is but no matter)

Thank you again readers for your patience. I promise to blog more and meme less from now on… unless life gets in the way again 🙂

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