Author Post : Karenna Colcroft Introduces Underground Erotica and Offers Two Massive Giveaways

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When a group of erotica/erotic romance authors at the Absolute Write Water Cooler (one of the best forums for authors on the Internet, as far as I’m concerned) came up with the idea to do an erotica anthology to help raise money for the site, I knew I wanted to play along.

Then I saw the theme. Underground.

I tried to stretch my brain to figure out how to best represent that theme. “Underground” can mean so many different things, as those who have read the anthology can attest. I chose to go with a literal meaning. Since I live in Boston, Massachusetts, home of the oldest subway system in the United States, I went “underground” with the subway.

I have to admit public or semi-public sex has always been one of my fantasies, though it isn’t one I would be likely to act on in real life. But the idea of two people having sex on a subway train not only appealed to me as an author; I knew it wasn’t all that far-fetched. It happens.

It probably doesn’t happen repeatedly between a young woman who works the late shift and a man who isn’t what he appears, though. I had to throw a little bit of the paranormal in there. My story “Late Train” is the first, and so far only, erotic horror story I’ve written, and I have to say it was pretty fun. Though I do wonder what happens to the characters after the story. Maybe someday I’ll find out…

I’ve been writing erotic romance since 2006, and my first e-book was published in 2009. You can find out more about me and my books on my website,; friend me on Facebook at; or follow me on Twitter @KarennaColcroft.


Excerpt from Late Train:

Her brain told her it was a stupid idea. They were on a train! Anyone might walk into the car at any time. And there were cameras. Besides, she barely knew the guy.

Her body had other ideas. Her skin tingled as if his fingers ran over her. She grew moist between her legs and ached to have him touch her, fuck her, somehow relieve the hunger rising in her. Her want was so intense, it took her breath away.

“We—we’re on a train,” she stammered.

“So?” He moved his hand lower on her leg. Onto the bare skin beneath the hem of her skirt. The heat from his touch was stronger than it should have been, matching the heat inside her. “We’re alone. And we have just enough time before we reach your stop. I want you, Gina. I have since the first night I saw you. It doesn’t have to mean anything. We can just make each other feel good for a few minutes. If you’re going to say yes, do it, because time’s ticking.”

Her stop was about fifteen minutes away. Enough time for a quickie, just to take the edge off her desire. It was probably the stupidest thing she had ever done, but the idea of fucking on a train excited her. Her life didn’t have nearly enough excitement.

“Condom?” She might be stupid, but she wasn’t stupid enough to forgo protection.

“Of course.” He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and took out a small packet. “Does that mean yes?”

She hesitated. Once she agreed, she wouldn’t let herself take it back, so she had better be damn sure she wanted this.

The erotica authors of the Absolute Write are taking you underground—sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

Karenna Colcroft’s haunting story gives sex in public an unexpected twist, and Erin Lark makes waiting out a storm into something special—and hot!— before Kate Lowell draws you deep into a cave for a steamy encounter. Lauren Gallagher sends you back to the 1930s for some gambling, bootlegging, and a little forbidden ménage, while Maryn Blackburn brings two enemies together in the wintery depths of World War II.

If you’re in the mood for something extra spicy, you’ll love how C.P. Foster opens up a very new world for a curious barmaid. And stick around because Cleo Peitsche and Jack L. Pyke keep the kink coming.

Come join us—but fair warning. Once you go underground, you may never want to come back…

All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Absolute Write online community

We’re giving away an ebook copy of Underground Erotica with each stop on the tour.

Next Stop: Erin Lark talks about her story, Resurface, at Foxylutely Book Reviews on March 7.

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    This sounds like a great collection of stories. I love anthologies like this because they allow you to sample so many different authors writing styles.
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