Authors After Dark Spotlight : Jenn Le Blanc

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First question we always ask; why do you choose to write romance?

I didn’t choose romance, I honestly just wrote… And what happened in the story happens to fall in the romance genre. I continue 1. Because I love the sexy times and the relationship building and 2. Because I adore the romance community so very much.

Who is your favourite romance hero/heroine of all time?

OMG. I guess I have to say (and here is how you know I would be a HORRIBLE reviewer) that Theresa Medeiros where the girl breaks into the house next door, the night if her coming out, and is forced to marry the creepy reclusive neighbor that everyone thinks murdered his wife. 

Or… Tiago and whatsherface from Storm’s somethingorother by Thea Harrison. 

No wait!!!! Lord Sin. Nonono!! Hawks ford from the gallantry Series by Delilah Marvelle.

Grrrrr… Yeah I don’t know.

Oh!!!! Soren, Kingsley and Nora. Yes. Them.

What is the most swoon-worthy scene that you have written?

Oh… Well there are three that my book happens to be famous for. Hmmm… Piano, train and paint. But I think I’ll go with paint, because it’s not merely swoon worthy in the *rawr* sense but incredibly endearing in the sense that what Perry actually doing, is teaching his lady something that will change her life.

Francine Larrabee woke up on the wrong side of the century. She was fairly certain she went to sleep in her own comfy bed, but she doesn’t quite seem to be there now. Only adding to her problems is that she has no voice, is constantly being glowered at by a large, stunning man who is obsessed with propriety, and she is apparently betrothed to another horrid little man, determined to ruin her, and any other girls that get in his way.


How does she find herself in the past, when she couldn’t even find herself in her present? How does a self sufficient businesswoman survive in a time when women were still considered property for the whole of their lives and what is she going to do with this man who draws her to him so fiercely.

We are complete book cover whores and you take some seriously yummy covers in your other job. Which is the one that is your personal favourite?

Ohhhhh see here we go again, haven’t I proven that in no good at choosing! I’m particularly drawn to Overdrive by Chloe Cole, designed by Kendra Eggert. But Carnal Gift and Sweet Release by Pamela Clare, designed by Carrie Divine, have a very special place in my heart. So do the Gallantry covers by Delilah Marvelle.

However, my favorite cover right now is a Picky Me cover, it’s for Tina Folsom and isn’t out until this summer, it is absolutely stunning.

If you had to give yourself a tagline, what would it be?

I shoot and write the smexy 😉

About the Author
Canon. Curls. Colorado. CJs. Chuck Norris.

Born and raised in a household of other people’s children in this beautiful state —very nearly with a camera in hand— she never left. She started her own family, got used to the curls, went to college, built a CJ, started a business, and totally beat the daylights out of Chuck Norris, all with a camera in hand.

Spending her days in parenting chat rooms she got highly adept with one-handed typing and she can still type just about as fast with one hand as she can with two. It’s a great talent to have when engrossed in a scene and in need of a hit of caffeine. Once she finished her first novel she quickly realized: She was born a photographer.

From the realization that someone ELSE would be shooting the cover of HER book her control-freak took over. What started as an easy cover shoot ballooned into this completely new kind of media, designed specifically for digital book readers.

She lives and thrives off chaos and the constant flow of the creative process. She wears shorts and flip-flops year-round —much to the chagrin of her friends and family— and she is currently working on the illustrations for her second novel. Her first serial novel THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE is doing its own Chuck Norris impersonation with the time travel charts on Amazon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook sharing eye candy (NSFW) and being a total rock star.

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