Awesome dirty talk couldn’t quite save Limited Time Offer (3 Stars)

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Limited Time Offer by Kelly Jamieson
Series: Brew Club #1
Published by Kelly Jamieson Inc. on 2016-01-05
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction
Pages: 216
Format: eBook

Sex may sell, but their deal doesn’t include love…

Brew Crew, Book 1

Account Director Sloane Granderson has been given her orders by the CEO—tone down the antics of the “Brew Crew”, the guys at Huxworth Packard Advertising who work on their biggest account. Sure, they’re all puffed up, strutting egos, but they’re also the best and brightest creatives in Chicago. Including the newest recruit, disturbingly attractive Levi Wolcott.

Award-winning copywriter Levi is pumped to have been headhunted to Huxworth Packard to work on the beer account. But he’s not off to a good start when he and Sloane first meet in an embarrassing encounter in a hotel hall, and the Brew Crew’s merciless new-guy hazing doesn’t improve his shaky first impression. Even worse, Levi can’t ignore the intense attraction he has to Sloane.

Despite their mutual “hell no” when it comes to love, a moment of weakness makes Sloane and Levi believe business and pleasure can be kept separate, and maybe a little harmless sex isn’t that dangerous.

Or maybe it’s as harmless as a bomb with a lit fuse…

FTC : I bought this book

Quick Scores :

  • Plot – 3/5
  • Romance – 3/5
  • Sexy Times – 4/5
  • Characters – 3/5
  • Chance of a re-read? – Possibly not….


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What I liked

I bought this as I am a long time fan of Kelly Jamieson. I love her light, contempoary romances and this one was one I’d heard great things about. Alas, it didn’t really work for me.

I always love the boss/employee trope and this one had all the marks of a gripping example. She is the high-powered manager tasked to bring the “brew-club” to order (nice role-reversal from the norm there!). He is the newest addition who needs to fit in with the other (stupid)  men who also happens to be attracted to the hot boss who has to keep reprimanding him. There was a delicious kind of tension created by this kind of set ups and I had such high hopes! At the start of the book, I was completely engrossed…

Another thing I really did enjoy was all the dirty talk when they finally started sleeping together. We all know I love a dirty talking hero and Levi certainly managed to tick all the boxes after he finally convinces Sloane to sleep with him. The sex scenes are a major selling point for this book 🙂

What didn’t work for me?

The dialogue often fell flat for me and it felt very disjointed. Sometimes Levi sounded like a serious contender for hot hero status and other times he sounded like a daft frat-boy who made me roll my eyes. During those scenes, I wasn’t invested in the romance and so I couldn’t quite sink into the story the way I wanted.

The “brew-club” also pissed me off immensely. They were also like a bunch of frat-boys, playing childish pranks on each other (instead of working more often than not) under the guise of “blowing off steam” or “developing creativity”. Realistically, they just pissed me off and I spent the majority of their scenes irritated and bored.

One line summary

A light Boss/employee romance between a dirty talking hero and his straight laced boss.


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