Bad Kitty – Cari Quinn

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Nikki can’t believe that her boss is skipping out on his own party. She also can’t believe that his identical twin brother is trying to pass off as him. She’d know the difference between the two of them anywhere; for one, there is only one brother who sets her heart racing. When Patrick starts flirting with her in the guise of his brother East, Nikki finds it impossible to resist. When the clock turns midnight, she finds herself involved in an up-close and personal situation with the man who has sets her heart racing. A quickie in the basement leaves its mark on both of them, but will anything come of it once the sun rises.

A year later, and it’s time for the next Halloween party. Nikki hasn’t seen Patrick much over the last year and when they have crossed paths, he hasn’t said anything about their time together. Thinking he’s forgotten, and unable to do the same, she vows to guarantee that this year she’ll be wearing an outfit that he won’t be able to resist. Truth is Patrick doesn’t know what to do about his brother’s sexy secretary. He can’t forget their encounter either, but is convinced that she has mistaken him for his brother. When East asks him to pretend to be him again this year, he can’t help but gain a sense of degas vou. Will he ‘fess his true identity this year, in the hopes of starting something with the woman that he can’t seem to get out of his mind?

Wow, for such a short read I really enjoyed this novella. If you like side of romance with your sex, then this is the read for you! Nikki is a great character. She knows what she wants and she goes out to get it. Completely comfortable with her sexuality, she sets out to seduce Patrick to get a second taste of him whilst also reminding him of what he could have been having for the last year.  Patrick is actually quite a self-conscious man. He is convinced that Nikki thought he was East (his brother) and that she doesn’t actually want him. He spends the year trying to run into Nikki when he can, but not saying anything when he does. I loved the contrast between the exterior brash man and the internal vulnerable man. When he put the costume on, he becomes more confident and takes what he wants. I loved the whole package…seriously hot hunk of man flesh 🙂

I can’t say anymore without spoiling the whole thing, but I will say that this spicy little number is just the right size to wet your appetite. Buy and enjoy! 🙂

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