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Today, I am very pleased to be part of the blog tour for Untouchanble by Talia Hibbert. This fabulous romance series features diverse characters finding their HEA.

Untouchable is the second in the series (each book is linked however does work as a standalone) and is absolutely wonderful. My review is here if you want to read more from me and we have a wonderful except to share with you.

Scroll to the bottom for a chance to win eCopies of the series (I have loved both books AND the novella) and a giftcard.


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Untouchable: A Small Town Romance (Ravenswood Book 2) by [Hibbert, Talia]

What happens when a bad boy becomes a man?

Nate Davis didn’t plan on returning to his hateful hometown. But then, he didn’t plan on being widowed in his twenties, or on his mother getting sick, either. Turns out, life doesn’t give a f$*k about plans.

Hannah Kabbah thought her career in childcare was over. After all, no-one wants a woman with a criminal damage conviction watching their kids. But when her high school crush returns to Ravenswood with two kids in tow, she gets the second chance she never dreamed of.

She also gets to know Nate – the real Nate. The one whose stony exterior hides aching vulnerability. Who makes her smile when she wants to fall apart. Who is way, way more than the bad boy persona he earned so long ago, and way too noble to ever sleep with the nanny.

So it’s a good thing she’s completely over that teenage crush, right?

Untouchable is a steamy, small town interracial romance. Warning: this book is 80,000 words of intense romance with a happy ending. There are NO cliffhangers and NO cheating. Enjoy responsibly!

Please note: this book contains discussion and depiction of depression and anxiety that may trigger certain audiences.

Hannah, unsurprisingly, was cleaning. It was the most productive way to burn off energy when she felt… jittery.

Two days had passed since Nate had, rather suspiciously, claimed to like her. She still wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Well, no; that wasn’t true. She knew exactly what to make of it: he was a nice man, who, like his brother, found her pleasant to be around. It must be some sort of family deficiency, the way they laughed at her sharpness and softened at her irritation. Unlike his brother, however, Nate did not like like her. Which was a good thing, obviously. Because, even though they had somehow become friendly over the last month, their relationship was still professional.

So why did the fact that he liked her—enough to list specific traits that that he liked!—fill Hannah with a bright, zinging sort of pleasure? The kind that filled her with cheerful energy? The kind that made her finish every sentence on her blog with an exclamation mark before deleting it and using a more appropriate full-stop?

Because she was far too fond of him, that was why.

But, she reminded herself as she dusted the living room blinds, it was only natural to develop certain sympathies toward a man when one ate dinner with him most evenings and watched him kiss his children goodnight. Wasn’t it?

Thankfully, Hannah was saved from answering her own question by the upbeat chirp of her phone. She abandoned her duster and trusty can of furniture polish, wiping her hands off on her old skirt and pulling her phone out of her bra pocket.

Yes, Hannah had bra pockets. She sewed them in herself. Ruth teased Hannah quite mercilessly for it, but then, Ruth didn’t wear bras at all—because, unlike Hannah, she was not in possession of a cleavage that bounced like frolicking puppies.

Ruth: Hi. This is me checking on you.

Well. How unusually thoughtful.

Hannah: Checking on me?

Ruth: You know. Making sure you haven’t been crucified by devil children or added to Nate’s secret basement collection of kidnapped women.

Hannah wondered briefly if this basement situation would involve being tied up by Nate. Then she wondered extensively if she had somehow poured crack on her cereal that morning instead of sugar.

Hannah: You saw me at Sunday dinner last week. And every week since I moved in. You do remember that, correct?

Ruth: Yeah. But I don’t see you any other time. And you’ve stopped bugging me to socialise. Not that I’m complaining.

Hannah: You socialise with Evan.

Ruth: I think you really like this job. I think you’re busy being an overachieving nanny. Either that or you really have been kidnapped and we’ve been eating dinner with Nate-Wearing-Hannah’s-Skin.

Was it strange to laugh at the thought of her boss in her skin suit? Almost definitely.

Hannah: Really, I’m good. The devil children are actually a lot of fun, and all Nate does is worry about his mother, his children, global warming, Brexit, the dying bee population, and possibly the appropriate elastic-to-cotton ratio in a pair of socks.

Ruth: …

Ruth: …

Hannah: He worries a lot, is what I’m saying here. Arguably too much to risk kidnapping anyone.

Ruth: Okay… Cool? I suppose? Do you like the job, or…?

Hannah: I love the job. It’s too easy. I feel like I’m taking advantage. All I do is play with the kids and post on my blog.

Oops. She hadn’t meant to say that blog part, but now the message was sent, and delivered, and read, and Ruth was replying, and oh dear God what had she done.

Ruth: Wait, you have a blog???? Can I see??

Hannah: Absolutely not.


Hannah: I would literally rather eat one of my braids than show you my blog.

Ruth: Wowwww. You’re rejecting your own sister like this?

Hannah: Can I see your webcomic?

Ruth: That’s different. My webcomic has sex.

Hannah: IT DOES???

Ruth: Mind your business.

Hannah: YOU DRAW SEX???

Ruth: What’s your blog about?


Ruth: Don’t make me hunt down your secret blog.

Hannah: RUTH



Ruth: …Only sometimes. Very occasionally.

Hannah: I’m telling mother.

Ruth: I propose a deal. Keep your mouth shut about my alien sex and I’ll stop asking about your blog.

Hannah: I accept.

Ruth: …You have bamboozled me again, haven’t you?

Hannah: <3

Hannah slid her phone back into her bra pocket, a silly smile taking over her face. Then she picked up a duster and set her sights on the cabinet by the door. It was probably filthy up there, right at the very top, where no-one could see. But she was nowhere near tall enough to reach it. She’d need a boost. Now, if she could just drag the armchair a little closer…


Competition time! In honour of the Untouchable Blog Tour, Talia is offering one lucky winner the chance to receive e-copies of the Ravenswood books, PLUS a $25 Amazon gift card. Comment below (and include your social media handle) for the chance to win. This is open until the 18th of August.

(Full terms and conditions can be found on Talia’s website.)

About the Author you want sexy, diverse romance, you’re in the right place…

Talia Hibbert is a writer and educator from the U.K., by way of both the West Indies and West Africa. She wrote her first romance aged 12, and was promptly scolded by a teacher because her story of love in the jungle wasn’t ‘proper’.

Since then, Talia’s stories have improved in quality and hugely increased in heat. She now writes steamy, diverse romance set in the U.K., and while her work still isn’t proper, it is a lot of fun. She self-publishes via Nixon House, and is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary.

Talia is trying to be the change she wants to see in the world. When it comes to her work as a romance author, that means fighting society’s bias about who ‘deserves’ love. Talia writes diverse romance because she believes that people of marginalised races, sizes, ability levels, classes, and more, need honest and gentle representation. Hopefully, that belief is reflected in her books.

Talia’s interests include beauty, junk food, and devouring all forms of media. She lives in a small English town that doesn’t even get Deliveroo, and kisses her high school sweetheart every day. Y’know; for luck.

And, as Talia would say… that’s all, folks. Love and biscuits!

Author Links : Website | Twitter
Buy Links : Amazon UK £2.99 | Amazon US $3.82


6 responses to “Blog Tour and Giveaway : Untouchable by Talia Hibbert (includes an excerpt)

  1. Amy R

    I read A Girl Like Her which was recommended by Nix and really enoyed it. Looking forward to reading Untouchable. @AmyRickman1

  2. JenM

    I’m at work, and that excerpt really brightened my morning. I loved Ruth and Hannah’s relationship in A Girl Like Her and it’s great to see that it continues in this book.

  3. Jamilla

    Lol,, the bra pockets was so cute! I love how she got her sis to back off.
    Loved the book! Can’t wait for the next one (is it about Raeeeee? )

  4. natalie

    i loved this scene and so many others in the book. Anytime Ruth and Hannah interact it’s always funny lol @trinielf

  5. Heather

    I loved Untouchable. I loved Hannah – she was so relatable in so many ways. “She glared at him as if he’d just insulted her stationery collection.” Yep – give me more of her! 😀 Hoping for Rae’s story next! @GwwgReads

  6. Danielle

    This book sounds SOO cute and funny!!! This is the first I’ve heard of Talia Hibbert and her writing sounds fantastic!! @poetrybooksya

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