Blog Tour & Giveaway : What is your office like? Messy? Clean? Kitchen table? by Ann Jacobs (Includes 5 $20 GC giveaway)

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My office? Well, it’s brand new, completely remodeled last summer. I have a 20 X 30 foot area that’s completely devoted to stuff I think every author tends to accumulate.


It’s also so messy right now that I hesitate to shoot pictures! Suffice it to say that I have plenty of room, a desktop system with dual monitors, my third Microsoft Natural Keyboard which keeps me from straying away too often with my laptop or tablet—unless of course I’m out of town at a convention or conference where I have to suffer with miniscule keyboards and tiny single screens. I have two H-P printers—an older 2600n Color LaserJet and a Photosmart 6520 which I use mainly to print color promo stuff that has to be done on an inkjet printer and scanning/copying things like contracts.


Decorations? I collect orchids, so I usually have at least a few on windowsills and top of a file cabinet or credenza. I also have several pots of cacti and succulents for inspiration when I’ve got a WIP set out west. I’ve got my big and little blue cats, a scratching post and three antique rocking chairs. (It doesn’t work keeping the cats out, having “a room full of rocking chairs” as in an old saying I heard somewhere. I like that, because the guys are quiet and keep me company without distracting me from work. Because they expect their treats, I try to keep a bag on my desk.


FATAL AFFAIR, book one of my Courthouse Connections series, was finished in this peaceful, private spot, only a tiny piece of which is included in the pictures. I’m enjoying the space and hoping to get many more stories written here as I enjoy memories of the older ones that will always stay alive here too.

Happy reading!

Ann Jacobs
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Book 1 in the Courthouse Connections series, a spinoff from Lawyers in Love.

Lanie Winstead is sort of married to a senator who isn’t what he seems. And she’s carrying on a torrid affair with hot corporate lawyer JD Ackerman. Something’s got to give when her affair is brought to her inattentive husband’s attention.

But wait. Suddenly the senator is dead and secrets start unraveling as Lanie is accused of his murder.

JD will do anything—anything—to protect his lover, even if it means revealing a tangle of lies and deceptions that will tear them all asunder.

Inside Scoop: Contains a graphic gay BDSM scene, not for the faint of heart.

About the Author

First published in 1996, Jacobs has sold close to fifty books and novellas. SANDSTORMS was a 2007 nominee for the prestigious ROMANTIC TIMES Reviewers’ Choice award for best erotic romance. Her books have earned awards including the Passionate Plume (best novella, 2006, second place contemporary, 2008), the Desert Rose (best hot and spicy romance, 2004) and More Than Magic (best erotic romance, 2004). She has been a double finalist in separate categories of the EPPIES and From the Heart RWA Chapter’s contest. Three of her books have been translated and sold in several European countries.

A CPA and former hospital financial manager, Jacobs now writes full-time, with the help of Mr. Blue, the family cat who sometimes likes to perch on the back of her desk chair and lend his sage advice. He sometimes even contributes a few random letters when he decides he wants to try out the keyboard. (Most of the time Blue just curls up, hides his eyes with his paws…and sleeps!)

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5 responses to “Blog Tour & Giveaway : What is your office like? Messy? Clean? Kitchen table? by Ann Jacobs (Includes 5 $20 GC giveaway)

  1. Victoria

    Love your office! I imagine once I can set mine up it’ll be as neat as yours… i don’t do well with clutter or disorganization lol

  2. flchen1

    Your office looks pretty fantastic, and whatever works for you to write your fabulous stories is great! My own workspace is far messier—time to straighten up!

  3. Stephanie F.

    I love orchids, they are my favorite flower. I just picked up the first book in the series and cant wait to start it.

  4. Shannon

    My office is a distaster, luckily the people I work for are more interested in productivity rather than cleanliness 🙂

    I also love orchids but cannot keep them alive.


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