Blogiversary day 2 : Picture Caption Competition (Inl. $10 Gift Card Prize)

Posted February 17, 2015 by Nix in Active Giveaway / 12 Comments

Day two of my Blogiversary and today it’s the picture caption contest! I have posted 3 pictures from famous love stories and all you have to do is come up with a caption for one picture and post it in the comments section (referencing which picture you are captioning). The wonderful authors that have agreed to judge the contest will pick their favourite and from there we shall have a winner!

So, what are you playing for???


You could win a $10 Gift Card from ANY online book retailer I can buy from. Β To enter, you just have to write your comments in the comments


Kat Black
Dee Carney
Inez Kelley
Molley O’Keefe
Melissa Blue
Jody Wallace
Christine D’Abo
Elizabeth Otto
Kate Allure
Nat from Reading Romances
Heather Lire
Liana Brooks
Atty Eve


So, here goes your three options….Enjoy!

Titanic …
Too many captions….
Seriously …. so many words!

12 responses to “Blogiversary day 2 : Picture Caption Competition (Inl. $10 Gift Card Prize)

  1. Minx

    Ok I’m going to go for funny/odd captions.

    Number 3- are you sure this was on the instruction for the nit shampoo?

    Number 2- for the 15th time this is how you do it!

    Number 1- and push!

    Ok my work is done and happy blogiversary!

  2. Just one..I did all, oops

    1. Did she just fart?

    2. Was this just an excuse for shower sex?

    3. I wish I had hair like hers, I think I wanna become a woman.

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