Blogiversary Day 4 : Catified book by Jody Wallace (Incl. Giveaway)

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So, for Day 4, I have the wonderful Jody Wallace Catifying a book of her own for your viewing pleasure. She has put a lot of time and effort into this one and I love it!


Jody is giving away a copy of Disciple, the eBook that is being catified, and a pair of earrings that look like Dream-Catchers … so cute! All you have to do is figure out what the Great Danes in the blurb refer to from the actual blurb (Link here). Leave the answer in the comments section.

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The very pretty earrings that go with the book prize


Art Work courtesy of Misa Buckley (

Conquer your inner dogs…before they break free.

When feline shelf walker Maggie Mackitty was first discovered by Zeke Ferrett, now her stealth kitty mentor, their hair-raising hissy fight blazed off the charts, as did their tangible hairball bond.

Three months later, their relationship is as stalled out as Maggie’s search for the right human to act as their cover. Zeke isn’t sure what’s to blame. His clumsy big paws with extra toes, Maggie’s extremely long tail that tends to whip back and forth at the slightest provocation, or something more sinister.


When the pair is summoned to a secret outpost for sick or injured shelf walkers to investigate the slobberings of several patients, a nightmare from Zeke’s past resurfaces to further complicate Maggie’s training. Once upon a time, Zeke lived with a DOG and they weren’t mortal enemies. Not only that, but there were valuable porcelain vases on shelves in the home where he lived…and he didn’t destroy them! When this dog appears at the outpost and blurts Zeke’s secrets with its stupid barky face, there’s a better-than-good chance their shelf walking masters will yank Maggie away from him and reassign her to a CAT BREEDER. Catciples sent to CAT BREEDERS are rarely heard from again.

To survive the annoyingly doggy workings of their organization and the smelly new force emerging in the outside-o-sphere, Maggie and Zeke must confront their inner dogs as well as their feelings for each other’s dinner plates. Because in the world of the shelf walkers, inner dogs never remain politely inside one’s tortured soul. They prefer to manifest…and cause cats to behave like dogs or even get along with dogs, resulting in complete humilation and ejection from the hallowed halls of the shelf walkers.

Warning: Book contains hairballs, cat yowling, more cat yowling, nasty Great Danes, dire peril and broken vases.

About the Author

Jody Wallace writes paranormal romance under her own name, a few erotic romances as Ellie Marvel, and whatever the cat wants the rest of the time. She currently resides in middle Tennessee with her family.


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