Blogiversary Finale … The Tombola Prize Bag!

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So, it’s the Tombola and I have 15 wonderful prizes to give away. All of these books are either gifted by the author or are given away by me from All Romance. There are a couple of my favorite books and a couple of my favorite authors … all you need to know is I recommend them all.

So, how does this work? You enter via the rafflecopter form and I pick winners at random. As winners come out, they get their choice from the prize bag until I have none left … Simples!!


  • Inez Kelley – Digital copies of THE BASTARD, SWEET AS SIN and TAKE ME HOME
  • Sonya Clarke – Digital Copies of the Magic Born Trilogy
  • Once Upon a Winter’s Eve – Tessa Dare (All Romance Copy)
  • Shelly Bell – All 4 parts of her serial (All Romance Copy)
  • Eve Langlais – Croc and the Fox (All Romance copy)
  • Shelly Stevens – Going Down (All Romance copy)
  • Emma Holly – Hidden Talents (All Romance Copy)
  • Hired – Lily Harlem (All Romance Copy)
  • Love is a Battlefield – Tamara Morgan (All Romance Copy)
  • Mystic Cowboy – Sarah M.Anderson (All Romance Copy)
  • Nobody – Sarah M.Anderson (All Romance Copy)
  • The Santini Collection – Melissa Schroeder (All Romane Copy)
  • Love Me Tomorrow – Dee Tenorio (All Romance Copy)
  • Marked – Elizabeth Naughton (All Romance Copy)
  • Master of the Mountain – Cherise Sinclair (All Romance Copy)


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4 responses to “Blogiversary Finale … The Tombola Prize Bag!

  1. Amy R

    I love HEA’s in the romances I read and how each books takes a different path to get there .

  2. Tina B

    I love watching relationships develop. I enjoy seeing the couple overcome obstacles and issues while falling in love. 🙂
    And the HEA is a huge part of it!
    Thank you for the wonderful contests, Nix!

  3. Susan W.

    I too love watching how the relationship develops. My aunts response to being asked why she reads romance is that it’s the only romance she gets because her husband is the most unromantic man alive. I can say the same. Romance isn’t in my husbands vocabulary. LOL!

  4. Jane

    I love seeing how the couple get together and how they deal with all the issues that confront them.

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