A Nix MM Review – Call Me Sir, Boy! – Kim Dare

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Call Me Sir, Boy! by Kim Dare
Published by All Romance on February 9th 2011
Genres: BDSM, Male-Male
Pages: 63 pages
Format: eBook

Losing a Valentine’s bet just might lead Jack to the best night of his life…

Jack’s Valentine’s Evening started with him losing a bet and being stuck wearing a baseball cap with a bloody stupid slogan emblazoned across it for the rest of the day. Bored with the submissives that populate the local club scene, he doesn’t expect things to get any better as the night progresses.

But, when a stunning stranger kneels naked at his feet and offers Jack his submission, he soon finds himself mastering a man whose kinks match his perfectly.

The cap fits. The only question now is, does the dominant who’s wearing it…?

Jack is a Dom who is looking for commitment but can’t admit it to himself. Bored with topping a different sub every night, he finds himself uninterested in the lifestyle. After losing a bet to a rather cheeky sub, he finds himself sat in a BDSM club wearing a hat emblazoned with “Call Me Sir, Boy!”, with a naked sub crouched at his feet. Ricky is a sub who wants a permanent master, but has no clue of what a master should be. After meeting one so-called master online, he goes to meet him at the very same club Jack is at. A case of mistaken identity ensues and, before the “master” appears to stake his claim, Jack and Ricky experience something they have both been looking for.

I read this book because it was top of the e-read charts at allromance and because it was Kim Dare. I can’t recommend it more! Jack is a grouchy, older Dom who is just looking for love. The way he responds to Ricky is lovely and he has the protectiveness that always marks a well-written Dom. Ricky is a danger to himself. He has no clue over Internet safety, has no idea what marks a good Dom and willingly hands himself over to someone who turns out to be a general wierdo. Its a good job he mistakes Jack for his Dom as it could have been a very tragic ending for him!

This short read is sweet and sexy at the same time. It adresses the issues of keeping yourself safe, when meeting up with people you chat to on the internet. whilst challenges the preconception that, just because someone likes to tie people up, does not make them a Dom.


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