Celebrating Romance : I’m a Google Stalker by Lisa Emme (Includes Giveaway)

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Hi everyone! I’m Lisa Emme and I write urban fantasy and hot, steamy romance. Thanks to Nix for letting me be here to help celebrate Romance Month on Scorching Book Reviews. Today I have my romance writer hat on and I want to talk to you about one of the best tools a writer has…Google.

We’ve all heard the joke, “don’t judge me by my browser history, I’m a writer not a serial killer”. Funny but true, as I discovered when I started writing more than five years ago. I’ve Googled an eclectic array of things – guns, knives, tequila, sex toys, demons, magic rituals, the human circulatory system – which because of Google’s search-based marketing, means the ads I get online are often just as varied. To this day, I still get ads on Facebook for chicken coops, all because I Googled them when writing my most recent romance, The Yacht Club.

There’s no doubt that Google is a useful tool, but you can do more than just look stuff up, you can virtually transport yourself there using the Google Maps street view feature.  And that’s how I became an online stalker of the West Vancouver neighbourhood.

The Yacht Club tells the stories of three independent, sassy women who are confident in their sexuality. Their lives become entwined, one way or another, with several hot, sexy men who happen to be members of the exclusive Yacht Club, the fictional BDSM club I decided exists in Vancouver, Canada. So, what does a prairie girl who lives 2300 kms (I just Googled that) from the west coast know about Vancouver? Well, not a whole heckuva lot. And while it would be great if a research trip was in the budget, it wasn’t, so I used the next best thing…Google and Google street view.

From what neighbourhood to situate the Yacht Club mansion (Kitsilano) to where to find the hottest clubs in Vancouver’s night scene (Yaletown and Granville Street), Google was my go-to source.  But I took it one step further (and here’s where the stalker part comes in) by using Google maps to zero in on a particular neighbourhood and virtually walk its streets. I couldn’t help myself. I fell in love with the West Vancouver area, particularly the neighbourhood called Westmount and a street called, I kid you not, Chippendale Road.





How could you not love that view? I mean, come on…

I often read a blog post or newsletter from a favourite author where they regale their readers about their latest research trip to some foreign locale and I’m green with envy. But that doesn’t stop me from doing my own research to make sure my readers get as true an experience (well as true as you get in fiction) as I can provide. Sure, I’d love to jet-set off to Paris or Rome for my next book, but until that day, I’m happy to be a Google stalker.

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The Yacht ClubWelcome to the Yacht Club – Vancouver’s exclusive BDSM club and best-kept secret – where few are asked to play, fewer still invited to stay.  Each sexy story brings a bit of ink, a lot of kink, topped with a hint of magic.


Daisy Andrews has been burned by love before. Now she prefers to play it safe and keep things casual. So how then, does a woman that prefers her sex with a little kink, satisfy her need to be owned?


With a vicious killer loose Kimi Jones is on the hunt, and she’ll stop at nothing to get her man. But when she meets a sexy stranger on the beach and a one-night stand turns into more than she bargained for, will Kimi be able to keep her own secrets?


Pax Lightfoot struggles to make it day-to-day without losing her mind, until a chance encounter brings her the peace she’s been yearning for. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in a ruggedly handsome package. But can Pax win the heart of a man that craves more than just vanilla?

The Yacht Club is available in print and ebook at most online stores, including Amazon, Kobo, B&N and Apple iBooks.



Comment below and tell me the craziest thing you have ever Googled and one lucky winner will get a signed copy of The Yacht Club.


Lisa Emme is a Canadian who proudly ends her ABC’s with ‘zed’. She writes fantasy and romance and is the author of the bestselling series the Harry Russo Diaries. A self-professed book-a-holic, she has spent the last few years trying to stem her book hoarding tendencies by writing her own stories and by avoiding the bargain table at the bookstore like the plague.

A bit of a thrill seeker, Lisa has tried such death defying activities as bungy jumping off a bridge and rappelling down the side of a 17-storey building. She’s also single-handedly raising a teenager.  

Lisa has worked as a veterinary assistant, playground instructor, bank teller, store clerk, waitress, telephone solicitor, research writer for an environmental think tank, computer programmer, and systems analyst. Her passion however, is writing.  What else is she going to do during the long, cold prairie winter? 

Lisa would love to hear from you. Drop her a line at lisa.emme@mymts.net or you can find her online:

Website: www.lisaemme.com   
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7 responses to “Celebrating Romance : I’m a Google Stalker by Lisa Emme (Includes Giveaway)

  1. Amy R

    Alas, I don’t google anything crazy but I do like to google things I read in books to get a visual especially houses and what real cities look like.

    • Lisa Emme

      I do that all the time! I’m such a visual person, I really want to see what the author is talking about. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Irma Jurejevcic

    I can’t remember the craziest thing, but just today I’ve googled about poisonous plants. Thank you for this wonderful chance <3

    • Lisa Emme

      You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve Googled poisons and plants. Better be careful or Google will think you’re a serial killer too 😉

  3. Anne

    I Google all kinds of things but mostly so I can answer all my son’s unending questions about super heroes and Star Wars

  4. Lisa Emme

    Thanks to everyone that commented. A winner for a print copy of my romance The Yacht Club was randomly selected (names in a hat, drawn by my son). Congrats to Anne! I have contacted the winner via email so check your inbox (or spam filter) for a message from Lisa Emme.

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