Celebrating Romance Event : Author Interview with Allison Temple

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Why do you read Romance?

Because it’s awesome? Because I love stories of people struggling to find their own peace and building a love that helps them find it.

What was the first romance book you read?

This is embarrassing. I came to romance soooo late. Like I was 27 or 28 late. I didn’t have a sister or a mom or an aunt with old Harlequins I could steal as a teenager.

My first romance was Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon and…I didn’t even know it was a romance. It was the height of the Twilight craze. I bought it in a drug store right because I needed something to read on a train ride. The blurb promised me vampires and that’s all I saw. It never occurred to me that it was a romance, but suddenly there were blow jobs on page 60 and I was blushing furiously because obviously everyone else on the train had psychic powers and could tell what I was reading.

It’s been a fast messy downhill slide ever since.

Life of Bliss (Love Life #2)Do you have a favourite trope?

I’m big on slow burn and hurt/comfort. Also fated mates, but only in small doses. And I just finished reading Erin McLellan’s new novella Life of Bliss, and ‘wake up married’ might be my new favourite thing!


Why do you recommend romance?

Because it’s fun. It’s hopeful. Because there is literally a story for every reader. Mystery, sci-fi, international espionage. Romance has it all, and there’s kissing!

How did you start writing?


Now or overall? I wrote my first ‘real’ story when I was 7. It was about a girl and her horse. I started writing as an adult probably in 2012 or 2013. My first attempt involved a Mary Sue heroine who works at a dive bar. I’d like to go back and redo it someday, because the dive bar is awesome, I just have to make the heroine fight for her ending a little more.

What are your writing habits?

Write drunk, edit sober. Okay, not quite, but I love to draft in the summer on my back porch with an adult beverage. Editing needs to be done with nothing stronger than tea though, or else I get sloppy and just have to revise it all over again.

If you could give your work a tag line, what would it be?

The tagline on my blog is “Small town stories with big hearts”. I think it sums things up nicely.


Out Now

The Pick Up (Up Red Creek, #1)Kyle’s life is going backwards. He wanted to build a bigger life for himself than Red Creek could give him, but a family crisis has forced him to return to his hometown with his six-year-old daughter. Now he’s standing in the rain at his old elementary school, and his daughter’s teacher, Mr. Hathaway, is lecturing him about punctuality.

Adam Hathaway is not looking for love. He’s learned the hard way to keep his personal and professional life separate. But Kyle is struggling and needs a friend, and Adam wants to be that friend. He just needs to ignore his growing attraction to Kyle’s goofy charm, because acting on it would mean breaking all the rules that protect his heart.

Putting down roots in this town again is not Kyle’s plan. As soon as he can, he’s taking his daughter and her princess costumes and moving on. The more time he spends with Adam, though, the more he thinks the quiet teacher might give him a reason to stay. Now he just has to convince Adam to take a chance on a bigger future than either of them could have planned.

Allison TempleAllison Temple is a romance writer, cat lady, and couch potato from Toronto, Canada. Her debut, The Pick Up was released in March 2018. You can also get a copy of The Hook Up, a prequel short to The Pick Up, on Instafreebie.

Blog: allisontempleblog.wordpress.com

Facebook facebook.com/groups/allisonsalist

Twitter @allitemplebooks

Mailing List http://eepurl.com/dpTziz

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