Christmas Fantasies Event Day 11 : An Interview with Elizabeth Montgomery, heroine from Vaughn by Emma Lang

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Today we’re joined by Elizabeth Graham Montgomery, the newest memory of the Graham family to be wed. This is her first Christmas as a married woman. Let’s check in with her to see how she’s faring…


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Emma: Good morning, Elizabeth. May I call you Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Of course. I’m happy to meet you. I heard you’re an author. My sister Rebecca is an avid reader.

Emma: Why yes I am an author. Thank you for agreeing to join us. Let me start with the first question. You and Vaughn have your own cabin on the Circle Eight ranch. Did you decorate for Christmas?

Elizabeth: We did, however, we did not agree on it. He wants flashy, sparkly things to put on our tree. I thought something more traditional like cranberries and popcorn on a string would be better. I gave in only because this is his first Christmas with a family.

Emma: That’s so very sweet. You love him very much. I can tell. What would you say is your fantasy Christmas?

Elizabeth: Well, I’m not one to fantasize, or I wasn’t, and then I met and married Vaughn. The things he’s taught me *blushes* are living fantasies. For Christmas, he told me I could decide on a new game to play.

Emma: Game?

Elizabeth: Yes, well, we have found playing a game in the bedroom is most enjoyable and exciting.

Emma: Ah, that’s wonderful. And what did you decide on for the Christmas game?

Elizabeth: *laughs* I decided to hide his gifts throughout the ranch and go on a treasure hunt to find them.

Emma: And what are his gifts?

Elizabeth: Since this is his first Christmas,and we are newly married, I am giving him gifts for every month we were married. Five of them in all. The first is a bar of soap for the first bath I gave him. The second is a new pair of trousers, this time the right length, for the first pair of trousers he wore, which belonged to one of my brothers. The third is liniment to rub on me to remember our first ride together. The fourth is a new quilt to remember the moment he asked me to marry him.

Emma: And the fifth?

Elizabeth: The fifth is a little more risqué than the others. I wanted to commemorate our first night as a married couple. I asked my friend Winnie to find a beautiful negligee for me to wear. I will put it on under my dress and nothing else.

Emma: Sounds sinful. What will you do when he finds all the treasures?

Elizabeth: Each treasure he finds, we will tease each other, not quite making love.

Emma: And when he finds the negligee?

Elizabeth: That’s hidden under his pillow. What do you think might happen then? *grins*



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A con man. A rancher’s daughter. A wildfire out of control.

Elizabeth Graham spends her days running the business side of the Circle Eight ranch. Her knack for numbers and organization lent themselves to her position in the family. She has just turned twenty-one and doubts she will find a man to spend her life with. Elizabeth doesn’t believe in love, after all, and when she meets a charlatan named Vaughn Montgomery, her opinion doesn’t waver. At first.

Vaughn Montgomery is down to the lint in his pocket and the handsome smile he uses as a weapon. His last con in New Orleans went wrong and he fled west. Now he finds himself trapped in the middle of nowhere Texas. And at the mercy of a hard-nosed woman who wears shapeless dresses and whose tongue can cut blocks of wood.

Unwilling to bend and unable to forgive, Elizabeth and Vaughn get caught up in a web of lies that stretches from Austin to Dallas. She finds herself falling for the man who can’t seem to tell the truth and he can’t get enough of a woman who can only speak truths. Together they have to save the Circle Eight and try to avoid falling in love.

10 responses to “Christmas Fantasies Event Day 11 : An Interview with Elizabeth Montgomery, heroine from Vaughn by Emma Lang

  1. Sasha R

    I just love this series! I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve read it! Beth Williamson/Emma Lang is in my top 3 favorite authors!! Loved Vaughn and Elizabeth’s story! Great interview, loved the treasure hunt! 🙂

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